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  • Special signature brownie shot
  • Seoul Sweet at its infancy
  • One of their original drinks
  • Nina and I looking at the menu
  • Minimalistic and white
  • Mini stickers giveaways
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Minimalistic and white

If you are in Krabi, Thailand, and you have never tasted real Korean food, now you have a chance. It was Nina, Social Media Manager at Fantasia Asia who brought me to this restaurant/coffee shop right in the centre of Krabi Town. Seoul Sweet is inspired by Korean food and lifestyle. Its name is a bit of a misnomer since it is not a bakery, as the name may suggest. 

One of their nicely presented dishes

Seoul Sweet sports a minimalistic decor that is quite appealing to the young public, who more and more is on the lookout for new food places. Their menu has classic Korean dishes like Tteokbokki (popular stir-fried rice cakes made from small-sized long, white, cylinder-shaped rice cakes), Gimmari (deep-fried Korean seaweed rolls, Korean street food that goes exceptionally well with spicy Tteokbokki), Kimbap (the most popular on-the-go meal in South Korea, seaweed rice roll filled with a variety of delicious fillings), fried rice with ever-popular Kimchi (a collective term for vegetable dishes that have been salted, seasoned, and fermented) and more. Let me tell you that the food is good and tasty. The portion sizes were big and very well priced, tasty and very light on the pocket.

Nina and I looking at the menu

Their selection of drinks is quite good, with a number of signature shakes and smoothies that will impress you, and their sweets, especially the browny, are delicious.  

Mini stickers giveaways

The place is trendy and they run events and giveaways for lovers of everything South Korea, like complimentary stickers of NCT (acronym for ‘Neo Culture Technology’, a new boy group concept in South Korea). Gentle loudspeakers continuously broadcast Korean hits. Also to note that loudspeakers broadcast… Korean songs!

Korean pop singers on the walls

Seoul Sweet concept is interesting, their menu is simple and dishes are easy to order. Food comes out quickly. Highly recommended!

Maharaj Soi 10, Krabi Town, Krabi 81000


They deliver take-aways via Food Panda

Opening times 11:00 to 19:00

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