Paul Bakery & Cafe

  • A great French atmosphere
  • Flacky almond croissants
  • Mathca tea and cakes for a perfect afternoon
  • Paul bringing frashly-baked croissants to the showcase
  • A unique decoration
  • Lavender hanging from the ceiling
  • Coffee is an important feature of the bakery
  • The daily offering is amazing
  • Stylish logo
  • Paul Bakery & Cafe wall detail

Stylish logo

Paul Bakery & Cafe is a small and compact cafe in Krabi that stands out in the form of homemade bakery. I made my way there on a sunny mid-week morning, accompanied by my colleagues from Fantasia Asia travel service’s office. 

Entering Paul Bakery & Cafe is a treat in itself. The interior of the shop is decorated in a very cute way: it sports a French ambience, with signature black-dominant minimalistic style eminent throughout the café, paraphernalia exposed on the walls and dried lavender bunches hanging from a high ceiling. With its variety of corners to sit at, Paul Bakery & Cafe is inviting, simple yet trendy, rustic yet modern. A cool atmosphere, nice soft music and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee complete the job. 

The daily offering is amazing

But the forte at Paul Bakery & Cafe is its delicious French pastries and cakes. Dessert fans should not miss the wide variety of cakes: cheesecakes, mousse cakes, fruit cakes, tarts, fresh cream, brownies, and many more. Traditional European patisserie recipes are matched with new recipes that are developed to cater to all palates. Paul brings creativity into everything he bakes, and that, in my opinion, is the key to his success. 

Croissants just out of the oven

Paul’s array of baked goods ranges from buttery, flaky croissants and cinnamon rolls, to custardy canelés and sweet macarons. Apart from the usual suspects in the bakery and cakes menu, Paul creation and experimental recipes are different every day as he aims at giving his clients an always unique experience. 

Thomas and Pluto planing on how to eat the croissant

Back to my breakfast, both coffee and croissant finally reached my table, the croissant being served with fork and spoon and a blackcurrant jam. Having Italian origins, I immediately moved away fork and spoon, ignored the good-looking blackcurrant jam on the plate, grabbed the croissant and gave it a big bite… the Italian way! Let me tell you this is one of the closest croissant to European standards I have ever tasted in Asia.

Lavender hanging from the ceiling

During a chat to Paul, I discovered that he supplies Amazon Coffee and other important establishments in town and beyond. Paul’s history dates back to his 20s, when he lived in several European countries as a youngster. Back in Thailand, he learned the tricks of bakery in Bangkok. 

Asides from making delicious pastries, Paul Bakery & Cafe also specializes in a café menu which includes all sorts of coffee, smoothies and teas.

Paul upholds his high standard using the best sourced ingredients, like what they use in Europe. It is his dedication as well as his attention to details that are pushing Paul Bakery & Cafe towards one of the best bakeries you can find in Krabi.


Paul Bakery & Cafe opens daily from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Anyone wishing to reserve a table or enquire about special menus can contact Paul at 095 2622352 by phone or Line.


Google Maps: 238/5 ถ.มหาราช ต.ปากน้ำ อ.เมือง Krabi, Thailand 81000 

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