Klong Muang: a miniatured Hawaii

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What do I want more?

Usually when talking about Krabi, Thailand, people refer to Ao Nang as the recommended must-visit destination, together with Krabi Town itself. However, Krabi is a beautiful province with plenty of undiscovered places to visit. Today, let me introduce you to Klong Muang. This is another hidden Krabi gem that is only beautiful, but also tranquil and peaceful, the perfect location for honeymoons, family trips and for those who seek for a luxury break in tranquillity.

Facing the Andaman Sea, with stunning views over Koh Hong Island archipelago, this area has two sides: the southern side comprises of wide sand and an area where fishermen anchored their boats, while the northern side is home to an industrial pier.

Me buying souvenir

If compared to Ao Nang, the unrivalled and famous tourist area which has already been established for over 20-years, Klong Muang is still a baby that has only developed in recent years. Nevertheless, this doesn’t make it any less attractive.

But let me share my experience of Klong Muang attractions which I managed to experience at first hand in recent times. As I mentioned in my previous articles, Thailand, Malaysia’s neighbouring country, is like a second home to me as I have been there for more than 5-times in the past 4 years.

The restaurant at evening time

Like Ao Nang, Klong Muang is also renowned for its restaurant that not only offer and serve local food but also Western food. The difference is that in Klong Muang, unlike Ao Nang, some of the restaurants are right on the beach itself, presenting scenic views of the Andaman Sea and enjoying the warm breezes that come from the ocean. Trust me, sitting in one of this sea-fronting restaurants during sunset will sweep away all your problems. Not only that: for those who want to experience an Hawaiian atmosphere, this place is highly recommended.  “Eat Bar” is one of the restaurants that I liked most as Jaja, the owner, was so friendly. I nearly forgot: no worries for Muslim travellers as this area also serves halal food.

My evening performance at the bar

Apart from its restaurants, Klong Muang beach also offers plenty of bars to sit and enjoy an evening with live music. One of those is called “Freedom Bar”. The owner was so friendly and I did really enjoy myself singing there, even though I have to admit I was a bit out of tune. This bar has a snooker table and playing cards to fill up your evenings.

For those who bring kids, no worries at all: most beach front locales at Klong Muang beach provide toys, which means you and your kids will not be bored.

Getting ready for kayaking

For those adventurous like me, do not worry, one of the restaurants there, if I’m not my mistaken it’s Saing, have a kayak that you can rent for just 200 Thai Baht for an hour. My advice is, do this activity when the tide is in your favour. I say this because my best friend, Zaphne and I kayaked in the late afternoon, with the high tide, and believe me, it was bad. The waves were rough and our kayak was really wobbling.

Room view

Klong Muang is as you can guess home to hotels located just steps away from the beach. There are plenty of 4 and 5 star choices like Sheraton, Ritz-Carlton, Klong Muang Sunset Hotel, Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort and more. There are also more affordable hotels and residences. We picked Klong Muang Dream House, owned and managed by one of our Asianitinerary writer Pluto together with friendly Alice and Claudio.  https://klongmuangdreamhouse.com 

Another reason for loving Klong Muang is its vicinity to Tup Kaek National Park with its hilled called Hang Nak, the Dragon’s Crest. I will tell you about my trek in another article. 

Wrapping the sun at sunset

Klong Muang is right by the sea, a 20 minutes drive north of Ao Nang, 30 minutes from Krabi Town and 40 minutes from Krabi International Airport.

To get to Klong Muang from the airport, you can either take a taxi, which costs you about 700 Thai Baht per person, or a shared minivan at 200 Thai Baht per person. The ticket counter is just opposite of the arrival entrance, so no worries there.

Overall, Klong Muang for me has been just like a miniatures Hawaii. Take a trip there and I can assure you, you won’t regret it. After all, sometimes you just need a few days on the beach…

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