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Hyatt and Sergio Herman Group has announced a groundbreaking collaboration to launch Le Pristine Tokyo, an immersive, casual fine dining restaurant and café helmed by Michelin-starred Sergio Herman in winter 2023. Le Pristine Tokyo will mark the Asian debut of the acclaimed Dutch chef-entrepreneur and will serve contemporary European cuisine with a cosmopolitan flair using thoughtfully sourced produce from Zeeland in the Netherlands and seasonal Japanese ingredients. Located on the street level of Toranomon Hills Station Tower and part of the new Hotel Toranomon Hills, Le Pristine Tokyo will elevate the dining scene in the city’s newest business hub. In addition to Le Pristine Tokyo, Sergio Herman also oversees the entire hotel’s food and beverage offerings, including breakfast and in-room dining.

Sergio Herman in action

Andreas Stalder, Hyatt‘s Senior Vice President of Food & Beverage Operations and Product Development, Asia Pacific, stated, “We are thrilled to join hands with Sergio Herman to introduce this one-of-a-kind culinary experience to Asia, especially to Tokyo which is one of the region’s most dynamic dining destinations. With its contemporary European cuisine combined with a distinctive east-meets-west approach using produce from Zeeland in the Netherlands and Japan, Le Pristine Tokyo will be a culinary hotspot in the city given its strategic location within Hotel Toranomon Hills and the innovative Toranomon Hills development.”


The original Le Pristine opened in 2020 in Antwerp, Belgium and was awarded a Michelin star in its first year of operations and which it has continued to retain. Le Pristine Tokyo invites diners to partake in a sophisticated celebration of life and creativity expressed through food, fashion, design, art and music. The immersive experience will bring together Sergio Herman’s exception eye for detail and steadfast commitment to the highest quality of gastronomy and hospitality while paying tribute to his Dutch heritage.

Zeeland mussels, sobrasada, burrata, fregola

Sergio Herman explained, “Food First. Always. It’s in our heart and is the code by which we live. Fashion is a statement. Create your own personality. It’s not about how you look; it’s about how you feel. It’s about the spirit of the age and the pulse of time. Design is the shape of ideas. Visual expectations are real, and we deliver on them. We eat and drink with our eyes. Art is the unexpected. We believe it’s food for the soul and the drive to imagine and wonder. Music is our driving force and it keeps things moving. Mixing rhythm with melancholy, the classics with the new.”

The restaurant’s interiors by the internationally renowned Space Copenhagen from Denmark – which also designed the original Le Pristine in Antwerp and the comfortable, stylish spaces of Hotel Toranomon Hills – will be accentuated by striking art and objets d’art by Dutch artists such as Maarten Baas, Rinus van de Velde and Rotganzen. Food at the casual fine-dining restaurant and café will be carefully served on wabi-sabi inspired “INKU” tableware by Serax from Belgium and designed by Sergio Herman.

Le Pristine Tokyo Classic

Le Pristine Tokyo will deliver a contemporary spin on European classic, blending Japanese ingredients with produce from Zeeland, the coastal Southwest province of the Netherlands facing the North Sea. Zeeland is the largest farming region in the country with rich soils, ample sunshine, pristine waters and sea-washed riverbanks, and is known for producing some of Europe’s most succulent crustaceans.

Sergio Herman stated, “Planting our flag in the heart of a dynamic city like Tokyo will broaden our culinary horizon. To open in the brand new Toranomon Hills Hotel in this much anticipated neighborhood is a dream. We are determined to make this a success and establish Le Pristine as a new classic in Japan.”

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