Budokon Yoga at Rainforest World Music Festival

Budokon Yoga at Rainforest World Music Festival

Rainforest World Music Festival this year is celebrating its 20th anniversary and for the occasion it will feature a great idea that definitely caught my attention: a wellness programme comprising workshops throughout the three-day event. One workshops that did catch my curiosity is Budokon Yoga.

As I said, this was just one of the events, others are Hatha Yoga, Vibrational Meditation and also Taichi. All these are a must for writers like me covering the event, so today, after the morning press conference and some lunch, I did not waste time and headed to the wellness area. It was there that I enrolled in the Budokon Yoga class.

Let me tell you that I found it challenging, yet yoga is never hard too learn. I managed to do a few steps and i really enjoy his class but not to hard to handle. After the 1 hour class, both my body and mind felt more relaxed, more aware.

Daniel shows one of the moves

So what is Budokon Yoga? your may like to ask. This class was brought to the Rainforest World Music Festival and taught by young Daniel Geller from the Budokon University of Mixed Movement Arts. Daniel describes Budokon Yoga as a a mix of martial arts, calisthenics and yoga, a hybrid exercise that produces fluid movements aimed at encouraging flexibility and strength by focusing on the transition from posture to posture, rather than the holding of the postures.

It’s a kind of yoga that focuses on peace through struggle, it aims at balancing body and soul through dance, explosive movements and the mimicking of animal.

Daniel told me he developed a passion for yoga from a friend who served time in the US air force, who at the time he wanted to improve his skills. Daniel background is in martial arts and thai boxing, and in 2014, he decided to become Yoga teacher. He had to go through a one month intensive course to become certified Yoga Instructor, after which, while exploring various yoga disciplines, he came across Budokon Yoga and its founder Cameron Shayne. Amazed at this yoga techniques and its uniqueness, he spent more time with Cameron in Miami.

Daniel reckons that Budokon Yoga made him learn about himself better. He taught Budokon Yoga in Germany in 2015 before finally relocating to Kuala Lumpur this year.

Daniel at the festival

Talking about Rainforest World Music Festival, he is grateful to have been given a chance by the organizers to promote Budokon Yoga here. Daniel advise for those out there is “You are never too young or too old to move because if you stay active, you stay young”. He added that everyone should find something that motivates them to move.

Practising yoga is for him the best form of staying healthy and young.

Find Daniel on Facebook on https://www.facebook.com/daniel.geller.33 and on Instagram on https://www.instagram.com/daniel__geller/

Learn more about Bukodon Yoga here: http://budokon.com

Introducing a wellness programme at the Rainforest World Music Festival has been one of this year highlights as it educates people about being healthy. I did my yoga class today, I moved, I feel healthy. How about you?

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