SJM Lantern Festival in Macau

SJM Lantern Festival in Macau

SJM Resorts, S.A., in collaboration with Macau Artist Society and the Macau Youth Art Association, is once again presenting the “MOONLIGHT SPLENDOUR – SJM Lantern Festival” during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, alongside a series of captivating extended activities to promote traditional Chinese culture. The event is also supported by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR Government and the Macao Government Tourism Office. Based on Macau’s positioning as “a base for exchange and cooperation where Chinese culture is the mainstream and diverse cultures coexist”, the exhibition will feature the works of four renowned artists from across Asia and five talented emerging local artists from Macau. The result is an assemblage of lantern art installations that resound with Macau’s vibrancy and cultural depth. This powerful collaboration of creativity will further deepen the cross-sector integration of Macau’s “culture and creativity + tourism”, actively supporting the Macao SAR Government’s “1+4” strategy for adequate diversification.

The “MOONLIGHT SPLENDOUR – SJM Lantern Festival” will take place from 21 September to 10 November at both the Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau (“Grand Lisboa Palace”) and Grand Lisboa Hotel, offering free admission to visitors. SJM is taking the festival to new heights this year by inviting acclaimed artists from Asia to be joined by Macau’s very own creative artists to showcase their large-scale lantern installations for locals and visitors to enjoy. Additionally, it serves as a platform for local and international artists to exchange ideas, further advancing the development of Macau‘s cultural industry.

The quartet of Asian artists participating include the famed Thai street artist Rukkit; Singaporean urban street artist ANTZ; Mainland China’s popular graffiti artist RUOB and Rainbo Peng, a renowned street artist from Hong Kong. The five young artists from Macau include graphic illustrator Yolanda Kog; multimedia artist Hera Ieong; stone sculpture artist Carlo Lio; oil painter Wing Pun and sculpture artist Yanlas Sou.

Rainbo Peng from Hong Kong

The nine artists have integrated the latest art trends and their individual artistic styles to create traditional Chinese lanterns. With “vitality” as this year’s theme, the artists have skilfully crafted 11 extraordinary lantern art installations. Visitors are also invited to join special guided tours to learn more about each exhibit and discover the profound cultural significance these lanterns encapsulate.

SJM is also organising parent-child workshops with the event’s participating artists, giving children the opportunity to unleash their creativity through hands-on lantern-making experiences, while also sharing Chinese art and culture with the younger generation. In celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, Grand Lisboa Palace will host a series of festivities at Jardim Secreto. Set in a picturesque outdoor environment, visitors can relish delightful delicacies beneath the moonlight and fully immerse themselves in the world of lantern arts.

For the full list of artists at the festival, click this LINK

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