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Info: Fabiola desire for discovery led her to travel from an early age, when she visited several European capitals driven by her passion for art and beyond. Why does she travel? It is mainly an inner urgency: Fabiola travels because she love living experiences that can enrich her 360 degrees, because she am curious, she doesn't stop at the appearance of things and she always wants to learn something new, to get excited and to put herself in discussion. A journey allows Fabiola to experience very strong emotions and to live in that precise moment, enjoying all that the world has to offer. A journey starts from the moment she decides to leave: her mind clicks and starts the organisation. Fabiola loves getting informed and studying potential itineraries in search of authentic experiences. Eventually, Fabiola decided to make herself available to others by becoming a travel consultant, to share her itineraries and to help others better organise their travels. Fabiola can be contacted through +39 3896318822 and by email at Check on Fabiola’s travels on her blog,