Aaron Twite at the Kuching International Bike Week (KIBV) 2015

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  • Aaron and his bike
  • Kuching International Bike Week 2015
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Kuching International Bike Week banner

Kuching International Bike Week banner

Last Saturday, 5th September, I had the opportunity to be face to face with world famous professional motorcycle stunt rider Aaron Twite at the Kuching International Bike Week (KIBW) City Parade 2015.

Motorcycle stunt riding is often described as a motorcycle sport that involves a professional rider using the motorcycle to do some sort of acrobatic stuff. Usually, the stunt-riding includes wheelies, stoppies and burnouts. Motorcycle stunt riding performances started somewhere in the 70’’s and became more popular in the 80s, reaching a must-see level today. Riders who perform stunt shows use sport and super bikes that are light and powerful as this makes wheelies style easier to achieve.

Cato with Aaron

Cato with Aaron

Back to Aaron Twite, as a first impression I found this 34 years old guy with a warm and welcoming smile to be hot and sexy. It was totally odd to me to chat with such a famous person, especially as he was preparing himself for the best show ever. Yet, I managed to grab his hand, literally, and dragged him for a short interview for the pleasure of Asian Itinerary readers.

But before I share my interview with this spectacular sportsman, I see it best to briefly talk about his background. Aaron Twite is from Atlanta, Georgia, south United State of America. He has been involved in motorcycle stunt riding for 11 years now, and it shows: his performances are great and his skill have made him one of the internationally leading street-bike freestyle riders. Not to mentioned that he has won multiple XDL Championship Series and he has participated in multiple global competitions and motorcycle shows. And yes, he is still a bachelor…

Aaron with his bike

Aaron with his bike

Back to my interview, I found the approach easy since he is such a humble and amicable person.

Aaron told me he started his stunt career as a hobby. At first, he used to ride a motorcycle with his friend, doing motorcycle tricks for fun. As his passion deepened, he progressed and participated in several competitions until stunt riding became his main occupation.

When I asked him whether he ever felt giving up on this passion during the 11 years period, he answered me: “I have never thought of giving up riding motorcycles; perhaps in the future I could possibly move on to another chapter, a career, but right now I’m very happy with travelling and riding”.

He added up that those who want to succeed in this sport should never give up, and also try to do it as safely as possible. “My advice to people who want to start start riding is to go for it. It doesn’t matter what kind of motorcycle you have, or your background. Anybody can do this, and that’s the beauty of it. Just don’t do it in the street and make sure you wear your safety gear”.

Kuching International Bike Week 2015

Kuching International Bike Week 2015

I then asked him how he felt about being in Kuching, Sarawak, he said he felt very honoured to be on the other side of the world to perform in Sarawak. For him it felt like a fantastic experience and he was truly grateful for it, since it was his first time in Kuching. “This is my first time in Kuching, and as far as I know this is the first International Bike Week Kuching has had, and it looks great so far. Kuching is a really great place, a big city with a relaxed attitude, and it feels the perfect venue for this kind of event. There is so much going on here, and so many different cultures and languages and food. The traveling is indeed one of the best part of my job, since it takes me to see different parts of the world”.

Aaron had a great performance at Kuching International Bike Week, creating a great shows. If I was to grade him, I would likely give him a 10 out of 10. He was so mesmerizing and everybody in Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan (MBKS) ground, the venue of the show, was stunned at his show. His talent was astonishing to say the least, and I encourage you to watch him in Youtube if you are curious about what his stunts are all about: https://www.google.it/?gws_rd=ssl#q=Aaron+Twite+youtube

Professional stunter Aaron Twite

Professional stunter Aaron Twite

As for the event itself, Kuching International Bike Week is a biennial event organized by Iron Tiger Bikers Club Kuching – Lot 9738, 2nd Floor, Jalan Mendu,93200 Kuching, Malaysia, gathering all the big bikers fans from many places in the world and convoying them together to witness and experience the beauty of Kuching.

This year the event attracted over one thousand big bikers from different countries amongst which the USA, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Brunei and Australia.

Datin Elly Zalilah Haji Md Yusof, the organizing Chairman, revealed that she has many more activities in plan for biker fans, and that they are targeting over two thousand big bikers for the 2017 edition. Follow them on www.kibw.com.my/ and be ready for some great stunts in 2017!

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