Rainforest World Music Festival 2018

  • cheering the crowd at Rainforest World Music Festival
  • the amazing local instrument: Sape
  • Drum.Org session
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  • Rainforest Crafts Bazaar
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Drum.Org session

The ever popular Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) happening in Kuching, Malaysian Borneo, is not an ordinary festival to the world crowd. Running since the early 90s, this  yearly festival never failed its audience and keeps bringing various talented performers from all over the world.

cheering the crowd at Rainforest World Music Festival

Last year Rainforest World Music Festival, organized at the Sarawak Cultural Village, SCV, gathered a big audience at the performance of Tahitian group O Tahiti E. This amazing team who managed to woo the crowd through their amazing dancing movements was not just an ordinary group but a famous one the world over. Seeing their dance and listening to their music made me move as well. While their appearance reminded me of Moana, the Disney movie, they were for real, and every workshop they joined was a great success too. Same I can say for most of the groups invited year after year at this amazing gathering.

Rainforest World Music Festival location

This year, Rainforest World Music Festival is expected to bring 27 performers, among them Danai Kuwai (Sarawak), Dona Onete (Brazil), Elisouma (Comoros Islands), Kevin Locke (USA), Votosi (Poland) and many more, as well as the extraordinary and interesting combination of Sarawakian music in local band At Adau. For a complete list of performers, click HERE.

Rainforest Crafts Bazaar

But it does not stop at the music. In line with FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, Rainforest World Music Festival does not miss the chance to display Russian culture through the performance of a Oyme, a group from the Republic of Mordovia, part of the Russian Federation.

the amazing local instrument: Sape

And if music is not your cup of tea, please do not retreat: Rainforest World Music Festival also provides its cheerful public with other activities such as Wellness and Lifestyle: Yoga and Zumba classes, Sape sessions, Sampeh stories, Children’s sessions, Rainforest Crafts Bazaar, Food and Village Mart and also mini sessions known as workshops.

Don’t miss out a chance to join us at Rainforest World Music Festival this year.Tickets can be booked and buy online through http://rwmf.net/tickets/ or https://www.facebook.com/rwmf.official/. My advice, book early for affordable prices. See you there, and enjoy the festival.

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