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  • Wat Tham Seua, Krabi introduces you to a hidden Thai gem still not yet fully known, as a destination, within the tourist world. This website will be useful, whether you are at your first experience as a tourist or an expert traveler, to plan your trip to Krabi with the help of someone who really knows this place.

Wat Tham Seua, Krabi

Wat Tham Seua, Krabi

We, the team of, are here to share with all of you our experience in the world of traveling in Thailand, which spans over twenty long years. Our wish is for you to get the best from your time in Krabi and to return home with the clear sensation to have wisely spent your holiday in one of the most attractive location in “The Kingdom of Smile”. In a few words, this is why exists.

In we talk about Krabi: of its antiquity; of its temples, crushed between rocks and forests, looking like mausoleums dedicated to nature. We talk

sunset in Krabi

sunset in Krabi

about Krabi‘s people and the ethnic groups that make up the resident population, groups that culturally enrich it with a constant mingling of customs, traditions, religions, which shows to the world that it is possible to live together.

Here we talk about Krabi‘s cuisine, rich in spices and herbs; the markets, riots of colors, studded with fruit, fish and all wares. We talk about Krabi‘s islands: the white sandy beach, the coral reefs, the caves, the mangroves and the karsts formations rising majestic from the sea. Krabi is not sufficiently known to the world of tourism and the fame it enjoys is far below the one that it actually deserves.

Krabi riverways from top

Krabi riverways from top is here to try to fill this gap. Our aim is to present Krabi‘s as an intriguing and inspirational place. To introduce you, day by day, this small eastern corner of the world which we feel part of; to suggest a viable alternative to those who have different needs from the lights of the night, although desiring an active holiday. Sea, nature, culture, relaxation. These are the ingredients that Krabi‘s province offers so that visitors can cool off from their everyday life.

HERE ARE SOME GOOD REASONS…To choose us as your Krabi‘s advisors.

+ 1000 Customers

the black crab, Pu dam, Krabi town

the black crab, Pu dam, Krabi town

Along our twenty-years’ experience in Southern Thailand tourism, mostly in Krabi‘s, we have been supporting more than 1000 customers per year during their holiday, customers proceeding from every corner of the world.

+100 Hotels

We have phisically inspected more than 100 hotels and guesthouses in Krabi‘s province, in order to match the right hotel to the right people. We have also been on all the tours that we propose. Our knowledge is at your service. Our knowledge is at your service.

H24 Support

Our staff will visit you upon your arrival at the hotel to provide you all the necessary information for your holiday. We will provide you a complete assistance on call, with a 24 hours Emergency support.

krabi-guide logo

krabi-guide logo

5 Languages available

Although in Krabi‘s there is a limited number of MultiLanguage licenced guides, we are able to offer our assistance in English, Thai, Italian, Spanish and Malay.

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