Borneo Music Festival Live 2022

Borneo Music Festival Live 2022

Borneo Music Festival Live 2022, featuring Alan Walker of the United Kingdom and DJ Soda of South Korea, will be happening on Sept 9 and 10 at Sarawak Cultural Village.


Supported by Sarawak Ministry of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts, the event has been highlighted as the first-of-its-kind outdoor music festival in the state featuring renowned artistes from six countries and uniting different music genres on one platform. Borneo Music Festival Live was actually postponed for two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but Sarawak is now coming alive again with the festival staged this year.

The line-up

With a line-up of well-known international artists, especially DJ Alan Walker from the United Kingdom and DJ Soda from South Korea, large-scale live music events such as this strengthens Sarawak’s position as a prime destination in the region. It also goes to show that Sarawak is an ideal destination for music tourism in Malaysia and the region, whether it’s world music, jazz, country, or popular music.

Other personalities at the music festival include DJ Alexis Grace, DJ Ice Cream, DJ Chaca, DJ Myvax, DJ Paul, MC Vibe of Malaysia, Nicole Chen from Singapore, DJ X Factor from the Philippines, DJ Venom C and Moski Love from Indonesia. Malaysian singers who will be performing at the festival are Rynn Lim, Thomas Jack and Priscilla Abby, as well as local music bands like At Adau, Tuku’ Kame’ and Buloh Berkocak.

Sarawak top in music festivals organising

With other music and arts festivals already staged in the state so far, these events were part of the ministry’s unremitting efforts to promote Sarawak’s diverse tourism offerings in culture, adventure, nature, food and festivals. The events organised so far are Rainforest World Music Festival, Borneo Jazz Festival, Sibu International Dance Festival, Borneo Cultural Festival, Kuching Festival and Tribute to Queen Concert, while upcoming events are Kuching Waterfront Jazz and Miri Country Music Festival.

Citing an example of the revival of the state’s tourism industry, the recently concluded Rainforest World Music Festival was an impressive success with 16,000 visitors recorded, exceeding the target of 12,000 visitors, and Borneo Jazz Festival also achieved the target with 3,008 visitors.

Besides, the organising company Firmament Event Studio had been leveraging on their regional presence to offer bundled packages with music festival tickets, hotels and flights to draw more foreign visitors to the state, as well as arranging a special Sarawak trip for influencers and the media. About 30 to 40 food stalls will be set up at the music festival as well for attendees to experience the local cuisines of Sarawak. Sarawak Trade and Tourism Office Singapore will also support the event by putting up posters in the lead-up to the event.

The tickets

Tickets can be purchased online at and the two-day pass is divided into two categories, namely general admission and rock zone. Under Phase 1, the tickets open for purchase are each priced at RM450 for general admission and RM750 for rock zone. For Phase 2, once the tickets under Phase 1 have been sold out, each ticket will be sold for RM500 for general admission and RM800 for rock zone.

All ticket prices are subject to RM4 processing fee and admission to the festival is strictly for those aged 18 years and above. For updates on the music festival, music enthusiasts can follow their official Facebook and Instagram page under the name Borneo Music Festival Live 2022.

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