Wat Phou Travels

Wat Phou Travels
Wat Phou Travels – Inside Pakse Hotel
Street 5, Ban Wat Luang – Pakse, 16000 Laos
Opening time : Daily from 8am to 8pm 
watphoutravels@yahoo.fr or bonvoyage@paksehotel.com
Wat Phou Travels

Wat Phou Travels

Created eight years ago, Wat Phou Travels is a travel agency specialized in programs and excursions in the South of Laos.

Wat Phou Travels are offering private and customized tours, that will immerse yourself in this unique Southern Laos experience. All their tours include the service of a private car and driver. Wat Phou Travels also highly recommend the service of a qualified guide to give to our customers the best experience possible.

Wat Phou Travels team is composed of 6 persons, from French and Lao backgrounds, and this diversity allows them to provide the full flavor of Laos, while maintaining occidental standards.

Lots of guests chose Wat Phou Travels for their journeys to the Bolaven Plateau, the temples (Wat Phou and the Royal Path, Phou Assa and more) and the 4.000 islands.

Why choosing Wat Phou Travels ?

  • They are a local agency based in Pakse
  • They are providing a quality service with an European management
  • They are working in relationship with the local population and with our local partners
  • They are developing ecotourism based programs
  • They are referenced in several  French traveler’s guidebooks
  • They are working as a local referent for French travel agencies

Wat Phou Travels is quoted by The Guardian  in an article about tourism in Laos http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2015/nov/21/laos-what-to-do-in-two-weeks


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