Walk Japan launches Inland Sea Odyssey tour

  • A stunning Japanese sunset
  • Takamatsu Art
  • Shodoshima Temple
  • Shimanami Kaido Bridge
  • Ritsurin Park
  • Onomichi Pagoda
  • Onomichi, Jodo-ji Temple
  • Ogijima port
  • Miyajima
  • Inland Sea Sunset
  • Himeji Castle
  • Artbase Ferry
  • Walk Japan takes you to a truly amazing Japan Inland Sea
  • A traditional Japanese village
  • Ferry boat
  • Yanagi hinomaru illumination

Walk Japan has just launched a new tour – their Inland Sea Odyssey, which explores Japan’s beautiful Inland Sea – a vibrant region of art, architecture and gourmet dining.


Experiential travel at is absolute finest – the 10-day, 9-night tour takes guests through the Seto Inland Sea and is Walk Japan’s most gentle walking tour. Suitable for the most leisurely walker, it traverses through one of the most intriguing regions of water in the world. The tour not only uncovers the Inland Sea’s history from times of the Silk Road, samurai warlords and pirates, but also insights into the 19th Century western explorers, Japanese and western movies and modern art and architecture.

Himeji Castle

Loosely following the travels of Donald Richie, one of the greatest observers of modern Japan who wrote his classic book The Inland Sea in 1971, guests will travel from island to island, exploring the landscape and charming towns, with a number of Japan’s greatest ancient landmarks including the elegantly imposing Himeji Castle, as well as some of the best modern art and architecture found anywhere in the world. Located along the Japanese coastline, travellers will be treated to local delicacies including Sanuki udon wheat noodles and the freshest seafood from local fishing villages.

Naoshima, Toori Gate

Customers on the tour will not only get to visit interesting art works and architecture but also have the chance to meet some of the artists that’s injecting new life and spirit into its communities that to inspire Japanese artists, architects and film directors including the world-renowned Kusama Yayoi, Yukinori Yanagi, Toyo Ito, Tadao Ando and SANAA. For fans of the Wolverine series and Hugh Jackman, the tour will also visit one of the film’s locations.

Onomichi, Jodo-ji Temple

With every tour exploring rural parts of Japan, Walk Japan aims to bring greater awareness to drive tourism, boost the economy and activity in the areas in order to fight against the effects of ageing population and the Seto Inland Sea tour showcases the fascinating rejuvenation and renewal of communities within the Inland Sea.

Shodoshima Temple

‘[The Inland Sea] surpassed all my dreams of beauty of that island-and mountain-studded lake…’ Thomas Cook, the father of modern tourism, wrote of Japan’s Seto Inland Sea.
If you intend to visit Japan’s lesser explored areas, Walk Japan’s Inland Sea Odyssey tour is your best bet! For bookings and detailed itineraries please visit https://walkjapan.com/tour/inland-sea-odyssey

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