Walk Japan announces new San’in Quest tour

Walk Japan announces new San’in Quest tour

Walk Japan, the pioneers of guided walking tours of the country, is thrilled to announce its newest tour – the San’in Quest. Launching in April, 2019, the tour explores the mystical and deeply rural San’in region in west Honshu aside the Sea of Japan.

This 9-day, 8-night fully guided walking tour on Japan’s main island, starting in Yamaguchi and finishing in Hiroshima, roams verdant countryside and rugged coast exploring ancient paths, historic castle towns, a silver mine, picturesque villages, and mystical shrines.

Each night, accommodation is spent mostly in traditional Japanese inns called ryokans, the experience complemented with fabulous regional cuisine, as well as therapeutic and relaxing onsen hot spring baths.

The deeply rural, mountainous San’in region is one of the least populous, more remote, and less-explored areas of the country – perfect for those who wish to experience the real Japan; its ancient landscapes and fascinating culture.

The tour begins in the 16th-century city Yamaguchi, and from here travellers wander through myriad and fascinating layers of Japanese history and the San’in’s tranquil, almost primordial landscape, back in time to the nation’s origins at Izumo Taisha shrine, before ending the tour in Hiroshima – these days a vibrant and modern Japanese city. Along the way, savour the legacy of the ruling, local samurai clans whose cultural influence lingers on in magnificent castle ruins overlooking the ocean; visit charming post-towns that once provided lodging for travellers on ancient highways; relax in onsen hot springs, which have been a source of comfort and respite over the millennia; and visit the UNESCO-registered Iwami Ginzan silver mine.

San’in Quest Tour

Price: From JPY428,000 (AUD$5,336) per person. 2019 dates: April 22-30; November 3-11.

Allowing for a deeper and more intimate connection to Japan, tour sizes are kept to a maximum of 12 people. Each tour is led by an informed and enthusiastic guide through the traditions and barely touched terrain of the lesser-known rural areas of Japan.

Walk Japan’s tours vary not only in location and theme, but also in levels of activity; beginning with the easiest at Level 1 (walkers must be able to handle their own luggage, climb a few flights of stairs, and walk less than 5km a day), to the most challenging at Level 6 (in which there could be up to eight hours of activity per day over varied, mountainous terrain). This is a level 3 tour, which means it is suitable for anyone who is in good physical health and able to walk 15 to 25 km each day.

About Walk Japan

National Geographic has described Walk Japan as “one of the 200 Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth”. The company leads the way in providing the most fulfilling and enjoyable tours available in Japan. Walk Japan has an unrivalled range of regular, scheduled tours for Japan and is researching more for the future. It also creates and runs private, custom tours tailored to customers’ particular interests. These include private tours for families, friends, societies, companies and schools.

Founded in 1992 by two academics, Dr. Thomas Stanley and Prof. Richard Irving, the company has since grown considerably both in its number of tours and customers to become the acknowledged leader of specialised tours that immerses visitors in Japanese society and culture; provides great insights into the nation and its people; and often explores little- visited, beautiful and diverse regions of the nation.

Walk Japan operates in a way that recognises the important role and responsibilities that businesses have in society. This includes being committed to and supportive of the communities in which the company operates, ensuring that its tours have a positive impact in these areas. Wherever possible Walk Japan uses and supports family-run, local businesses. In recognition of Walk Japan’s work, Paul Christie, the company’s CEO, has been honoured as a Cool Japan Ambassador by the Japanese Government, and also been made an Ambassador for All Nippon Airways, Japan’s top airline.

For more information, visit walkjapan.com

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