TIA Wellness Resort New Signature Detox Treatments

TIA Wellness Resort New Signature Detox Treatments

TIA Wellness Resort, a tranquil, wellness-focused property situated along Vietnam’s central coastline in Danang, is rolling out two new transformative wellness treatments that do more than just release aches and pains. The Lymphatic Detox and Detox Hydro Circuit Therapy were both added to meet an increasing demand for wellness therapies that help people internally reset and release toxins.

TIA Wellness Center Pool

The Detox Hydro Circuit Therapy is a unique offering that takes guests on a 60-minute detox journey. The treatment takes place in its own dedicated area of the wellness center that features a relaxation space, with cushy oversized chairs overlooking a serene garden; a herbal steam room, where the treatment begins; a stone shower bed, for the hydrotherapy massage and the coffee and salt body scrub portion of the treatment; a sauna; and an ice bath. Each step is guided by a skilled spa therapist and refreshing detox water is provided throughout. The therapy ends with foot reflexology to further stimulate the detox process.

The invigorating ice bath, which TIA introduced specifically for this therapy, helps reduce inflammation and promote immunity. Guests will take two two-minute cold plunges during the session, one after the herbal steam and one after the sauna. This will take full advantage of the powerful benefits, like firing up the lymphatic system, that come from switching between hot and cold temperatures.

TIA’s New Ice Bath

“Both cold water therapy and sauna, which involve exposure to temperatures at both extremes, have so many advantages. From the immediate boost of energy and letting go of fatigue to the more invisible work it does on the inside to keep us healthy and vibrant,” said Ramon Imper, the general manager of TIA Wellness Resort. “We are always looking for ways we can continue to level-up our wellness offering for guests and the addition of an ice bath and the treatment we’ve crafted around it is one way we’re continuing to evolve in the wellness space.”

The therapy is included for Retreat Inclusive guests, who benefit from one retreat therapy and two wellness therapies per night, along with full-board with plant-based cuisine, breathwork classes, creativity sessions, and Tai Chi and yoga practices. For those not on a retreat plan it is offered as a payable therapy.

TIA Pool Villa

The Lymphatic Detox is a new signature treatment available to all Wellness Inclusive guests at TIA Wellness Resort. This 80-minute offering uses rhythmic strokes targeting the lymph nodes to support lymphatic drainage and stimulate the body’s natural detoxification process. Wellness Inclusive guests can also enjoy TIA’s broad range of breathwork, creativity, and embodiment practices such as Tai Chi and yoga.

Accommodation is in a one-bedroom pool villa with a complimentary wellness mini bar, featuring homemade healthy snacks, and an all-day breakfast on offer. Rates for Wellness Inclusive stays start at USD 450 ++ per villa and the price for the Detox Hydro Circuit Therapy is USD 60 ++. For more information visit: https://tiawellnessresort.com/en/

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