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Are you in Kuantan area, Pahang province, Malaysia? Are you sweating, feeling hot and want to jump in cool water? Well, Sungai Pandan waterfall is the best options for you.

Waterfall at the back

Waterfall at my back

Also known as Panching waterfall, this waterfall is situated deep in the forest, past the small town, the army camp and the quarry area. Considered to be the Malaysia’s most beautiful waterfall, Sungai Pandan waterfall is a popular picnic and recreational area for the Kuantan local community.

It consists of beautiful cascading rapids from the hill down to the giant rocks, culminating in large pool, which makes it attractive and ideal from swimming.  Sungai Pandan waterfall is really suitable for everyone, especially for those with families as they can enjoy the cool water splashing and it is safe for kids too thanks to the shallow depth of water – just at knee level – so kids can safely play around the area.

Sungai Pandan is part of a Forest Reservation Area called Hutan Lipur Sungai Pandan, encompassing an area of about 25 hectares. Its forest is gazetted as an untouched treasure to preserve and conserve, home to several species of tropical trees, animals and insects.

The waterfall park

The waterfall park

For activities, Sungai Pandan waterfall is ideal for picnic, outing and camping, hanging out with families, friends and colleagues. I suggest taking advantage of the rest huts and barbecue grill areas for your deserved breaks.

For those who want to explore nature, head for a walk along the jungle trails: reach the top of the fall, and follow the course of the gentle stream to a suspension bridge, location suitable for picture-taking of the whole waterfalls area.

I must remind you not to climb the rocks to the waterfalls as the stones are steep, slippery, sharp and potentially dangerous. Besides, you are also reminded to read the safety information provided at the entrance for your own safety.

The suspension bridge

The suspension bridge

Like other places, Sungai Pandan waterfall is also equipped with a few amenities which include a parking lot, changing rooms, toilets and a gift and souvenir shops. Furthermore, you should not worry about food as there are catering stalls in the vicinity, though you are welcome to carry your own food along with you.

For me, Sungai Pandan waterfall is a great place to cool down, to release and to free the mind from the tensions of everyday life. Make sure you bring a towel and some changing clothes so you do not miss out on the opportunity to swim near this amazing waterfall. Pampered yourself in crystal clear Sungai Pandan waterfall.

Entrance ticket

Entrance ticket

Sungai Pandan waterfall is 25 kilometres from Kuantan town, which takes about 30 minutes by transport. Self-drive and taxi are available. Entrance fee is reasonable at RM 2 for adult and RM 1 for children. It is open to public from 7 am to 6 pm.

For more information about directions and ticketing, contact or browse

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