Snowfall places in Jammu and Kashmir

  • Enjoy taking a romantic boat ride in the best houseboats in the glimmering Dal lake is incomparable
  • Pahalgam is very challenging to explore
  • Sonmarg is the best of snow mountain valley as the entire valley remains covered with thick sheets of snow in winter
  • Yusmarg is honored as “Meadows of Jesus” as it is believed that Jesus once stayed here
  • Zanskar River flows to the south of Leh across Hemis National Park and happens to be one of the most perfect places to explore in Kashmir

Winter means a bone-tearing cold climate and freezing breezes in many parts of the country, but there are many places in India that transform into visual delights with a snowy avatar. We truly understand that staying inside the blankets is very practical in the winter months, but exploring snowfall destinations with Kashmir Tour Packages adds more fun and excitement to your holiday during the winter months.

Stunning landscapes bestowed with majestic mountain peaks in the backdrop and the partially frozen pine trees make both Jammu and Kashmir look incredible, as well as a perfect spot to enjoy your vacation with family and friends. Nothing in the world looks prettier and astonishing than top travel destinations such as Pahalgam, Srinagar, Gulmarg, and Sonmarg.

Despite being quite challenging in the winter months, Kashmir transforms into a dreamy surrounding, and the entire region is adorned with thick sheets of snow. Life in Jammu and Kashmir comes to a halt during the winter season, so you will not find this area too crowded. Those who are seeking to revel in the divine snowy landscapes do not need to wait.

Below is a list of places that are surely going to leave the travelers amazed with their beauty in winter.


The entire valley has always been synonymous with true nature paradise, and rightly so. Popularly called ‘the heartland of winter sports in India’, Gulmarg offers snowboarding, skiing, and also Gondola rides, in addition to snowy peaks and mesmerizing views. It happens to be a preferred tourist site in Kashmir that is very safe to explore as the city barely gets affected by any civil unrest.

One needs not to plan a long schedule as the beauty of the region can be explored in a single day, but if you are visiting in the winter months then it would be better to spend at least a night there in order to get indulged in snow activities. Enjoying a cable car ride is another hugely-loved activity in the city to attain an incredible experience.


Only after driving for an hour from Srinagar you reach Sonmarg, the best snow mountain valley. The entire valley remains covered with thick sheets of snow in winter as the region receives heavy snowfall, and hence it becomes an inaccessible and very challenging to reach site. However, the locals maneuver the tricky trails in a very nice manner.

Sonmarg is one of those places that take your breath away, and the glory of the region is unparalleled with golden beauty transforming into a white sea. Zero Point and Thajiwas Glacier are the two-star attractions of this place, which has been awarded the title of ‘the land of golden meadows’, offering a unique charm in the fudge winter season.


Pahalgam is very challenging to explore

Without ponies, traveling in Kashmir is very challenging and is never easy. Pahalgam is one of the extremely challenging places to explore. If you are a senior citizen or physically unfit, it is then hard to cover Pahalgam’s unknown trails: the ponies come to help and guide you throughout the valley carrying you on their backs.

Kashmir Tourism winter is known as offseason travel, yet pony rides do not get much cheaper, though there is always room for negotiation. If you are keen to witness the impeccable charm of the glaciers, then opting for a pony ride is a must.

Zanskar River

You must have heard this say before: “there are times when you don’t find adventure but adventure finds you”, and this statement completely justifies the glory of Zanskar River. This gorgeous river flowing to the south of Leh across Hemis National Park happens to be one of the most perfect places to explore in Kashmir.

This destination receives huge snowfall in the winter months and turns into a thick sheet of snow, hence offering a proper platform to enjoy the thrilling Chadar trek, one of the most adventurous trekking trails in the world, and a famous travel destination in Kashmir in the winter months.

Dal Lake in Srinagar

Kashmir is not only famous for its intricately woven carpets and Pashmina shawls, but also for fun-filled activities like the Shikara ride in Dal Lake.

Taking a romantic boat ride in the best houseboats in the glimmering lake of Kashmir is incomparable. This Shikara ride is the mother of all romantic experiences, so memorable when the lakes become partly-frozen and enchanting.


Yusmarg is honored as “Meadows of Jesus” as it is believed that Jesus once stayed here

Tucked amidst the Pir Panjal, the largest mountain range of the Lesser Himalayas, Yusmarg is honoured as the ‘Meadows of Jesus’ as locals believe that Jesus took his last breath here and that his tombs lie here, though it is a debated topic. The place is named after Jesus: Yus means Jesus and Marg stands for meadow. 

Yusmarg happens to be an unparalleled holiday spot in Kashmir, the perfect holiday destination for all those who are seeking a rejuvenating and relaxing holiday amidst its scenic wonders.

Famous delicacies to binge on in Kashmir

There are several activities to do in Kashmir in winter; savouring the lip-smacking Kashmiri cuisine is certainly quite worthy.

Yakhni, Dum Aloo, Kashmiri Pulav, Kebabs, and Kehwa are just a few of the must-try dishes in the city, though Harissa holds the limelight. Lamb, rice, and many other ingredients are used to cook Harissa, and the result is the staple diet of the locals in the cold winter weather. Everyone who plans a trip to Kashmir must try this non-vegetarian dish that locals take almost 12 hours to prepare.

Kehwa, a popular beverage of this north Indian region, has been used as a medicine for centuries as it has been proved to achieve great health benefits. Pretty much similar to green tea, Kehwa has several positive impacts on the body, mind, and health of a person. It has been observed that Kehwa helps in maintaining the glucose level of your body, hence is beneficial in preventing the high insulin spikes in the body.

Besides its medicinal properties, Kehwa is consumed for its flavoured taste. To prepare this beverage Kashmiri people add saffron, cinnamon and cardamom, making it a perfect hot drink to sip during the monkey brass weather.

The above-enlisted destinations are the most popular and best known to travellers, but there are so many other snowfall destinations in Jammu and Kashmir that are not so well-known. 

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