SJM presents the “Miffy Creative Show”

SJM presents the “Miffy Creative Show”

SJM Resorts, S.A. (“SJM”) is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Iam Creative Industries Co., Ltd. to present the “Miffy Creative Show” at Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau (“Grand Lisboa Palace”) from 25 September to 12 November 2023 in continued celebration of the Year of the Rabbit. The new exhibition, featuring the world-famous character Miffy, is designed to attract residents and tourists. To complement the colourful and creative exhibit, SJM is launching a series of Miffy-themed activities, including stamp collection treasure hunts at Grand Lisboa Palace, interactive games, creatively designed themed delicacies and more, for children and adults to enjoy the charm of the international beloved character, Miffy together.

Coming from Netherlands as a well-known picture book star, Miffy is a white bunny with straight ears and signature crisscross mouth. She captured the hearts of countless children with her honesty, innocence and bravery. Miffy was created in 1955 after Bruna had been telling his one-year-old son, Sierk, stories about a little rabbit they had seen earlier in the dunes, while on holiday in Holland.

Following on from Taipei’s “Miffy Exhibition” last year, Grand Lisboa Palace looks forward to bringing the exhibit to Macau in September. The exhibition will be divided into three areas – the exhibition area, an interactive game zone and a gifts area. Visitors will have the opportunity to take photos with 2-metre-tall Miffy and engage in on-site interactive games. Additionally, guests can collect stamps at designated locations throughout the integrated resort to redeem limited-edition souvenirs. Furthermore, visitors can discover a special edition of Miffy, which has been handcrafted by young, local artist and designed with Macau characteristics. Other Miffy figures will also serve as guides, leading our audience to explore the signature buildings and Jardim Secreto of Grand Lisboa Palace. Visitors are also welcome to enjoy Miffy-themed delicacies and purchase their favourite Miffy merchandise in the gifts area, to fully immerse themselves in the wonderful moments with the adorable Miffy.

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