Santubong activities and attractions

  • Kayaking near the beach
  • The magnificent beach at Santubong
  • Tebingan Buntal
  • The author at Permai Resort
  • Relaxing on the beach
  • Aerial view of Damai and Santubong
  • Damai Beach Resort entrance
  • BBQ by the beach
  • Fishing in the river

In my previous article, I wrote about the legend of Santubong Mountain, once a princess transformed into a mountain by her father’s curse. See . Thus, in this article I would like to share with you a range of Santubong activities and attractions. Santubong is a great place for outing and it has become one of the mushrooming tourist attractions in Sarawak due to ongoing activities all year round. Hence, Santubong area nowadays is home to famous hotels and resorts, namely Damai Beach Resort, Damai Puri, Permai Resort and One Santubong Hotel. Besides that, Santubong is also surrounded by a few traditional villages like Kampung Buntal and Kampung Santubong, popular with its seafood and sea products like dried fish and shrimp paste.

The magnificent beach at Santubong

The magnificent beach at Santubong

But now lets talk about the activities. First of all, Santubong is well known for its beautiful nature: the hills are suitable for jungle trekking, and the waterfalls areas for swimming and camping. The area is also located right next to the sea, and thanks to its amazing beach, Santubong offers plenty of beach activities: fishing, kayaking, swimming, as well as partying, picnic and gathering. It is such a peaceful place that adapts itself to family gatherings or even class gathering and religion gathering. Santubong is the best retreat for those who want to find a place for relaxing and sightseeing as well as for some thrilling adventure.

I can still remember when back in 2009, when I was at university doing my bachelor program, my friend and I used to come here for picnic. We would usually choose Damai Beach Resort and found the area to be the best escape from our studying lives. When there, I would grab the opportunity to go for one of my favorite activities: kayaking. From out at sea, I had the chance to see the beach scenery from a different perspective, and I can assure you it is a totally different feeling! I also loved messing with the sand, playing volleyball and finally, swimming in the blue sea, always bewaring of the jellyfish of course.

BBQ by the beach

BBQ by the beach

Apart from the various activities, Santubong has several attractions. When talking about Santubong, those who have been there always remember the Sarawak Cultural Village, or SCV, a place where to meet and learn about Sarawak, the land of hornbill, of culture, of traditional architecture, of food, dance and lifestyle from various ethnic groups. A place that tourists should not miss, and a must visit if you wish to know about the Sarawak people.

Finally, after offering a great deal of nature and culture, Santubong is also popular with the world-famous music festival known as the Rainforest World Music Festival, running yearly since 1998. This event is held precisely inside the Sarawak Cultural Village, right at the foot of Mount Santubong. If you love world music, don’t miss this great event. Check it out on

That’s all can I share for now. I hope you enjoy your trip to Sarawak, and the numerous Santubong activities and attractions!

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