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  • Treatment at Rehat Massage & Reflexology
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Lush entrance to Rehat Massage & Reflexology

One fine day, during my stay at GrandMas Plus Hotel Legian, I took advantage of their complimentary bicycles and spent an entire afternoon cycling along the maze of small streets between Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. Between the heat, a bicycle the wrong size and without front suspensions, and the terrible Bali traffic, at the end of the afternoon I was exhausted. So when the hotel manager suggested I take a Balinese traditional massage at the hotel signature Rehat Massage & Reflexology, I did not need to be convinced.

At the Spa reception, I was offered a ginger tea and handed a cold towel, and I did not need to wait long before I was invited downstairs, where the environment was lovely and peaceful. I seated in a corner chair, I submerged my feet in a bucket of warm water and received a welcoming foot wash and salt scrub before my masseuse handed me a sarong and a pair of cotton flip flops and asked me to follow her.

Therapist at Rehat Massage & Reflexology

The dark path led to a quiet and neat treatment room, where the atmosphere was magical. The silence engulfed the air, only disturbed by celestial Balinese flute music, which prepared my senses for what was to follow. The aromas of oils and spices was soothing my senses. I was ready for my Balinese massage.

I undressed and changed into disposable underwear and gave myself in on the massage bed. Trik – this was the name of my therapist – moved her expert hands, duly lubricated with massage oil, across my body, making sure the pressure was right, not too hard not too soft. I hovered between relaxation and sleep for a while, and felt like entering another dimension.

Treatment at Rehat Spa

Affable and smiley Trik later told me that she got trained in her home town of Ubud before embarking in a career as masseuse, and the years of experience definitely showed. It was like she knew my body: where it ached more, where she needed to apply more pressure, and where less. So much that at some point, I felt my body going perfectly along with her expert, firm hands. She tackled my front first, and then my back, and the one hour really felt like two. The head and neck massage towards the end of the treatment was a welcome surprise that ended a marvelous treat.

I was then invited to take a shower in the designated shower room, and once I was done, honey and lemon tea was awaiting me. I was asked to fill in a satisfaction survey, which I did with great pleasure, as well as offering Trik a well-deserved tip. Rehat Massage & Reflexology has a peaceful environment, excellent staff with great attitude, super customer service and very professional therapists. What a heavenly experience.

The massage beds

Rehat Massage & Reflexology is a treat that no visitor should miss. Witness to the popularity of Rehat Massage & Reflexology is their excellent ranking in TripAdvisor: Top 4 Spa in Legian!

You can get away with walking in from the street, but I would recommend to make a booking if you want a specific time and do not wish to wait. Rehat Massage & Reflexology service clients from GrandMas Plus Hotel Legian, but also gets lots of walk-in customers or bookings from nearby hotels.

They can be contacted at 0361-751215, or through GrandMas Plus Hotel Legian at

Enjoy your treatment.

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