RAKxa Certified Green Growth 2050 Global Standard

RAKxa Certified Green Growth 2050 Global Standard

RAKxa, Asia’s First Fully Integrative Wellness & Medical Retreat, located in Bangkok’s Green Lung, Bang Krachao, proudly announces having received Gold level certification with an internationally respected recognition for sustainable practices, the Green Growth 2050 Global Standard.

RAKxa area in Bangkok

Green Growth is the achievement of a balanced and sustainable development in which economic growth and success may coexist with the preservation of the natural environment and the resources upon which well-being and progress depend. The Green Growth 2050 Global Standard mandates compliance with a minimum of 406 CSR and Sustainability indicators across 37 criteria. The maximum potential score is 500, and organisations are recognised with Silver, Gold, or Platinum certifications based on their overall percentage of performance.

RAKxa‘s excellence in environmental, socio-economic, and cultural sustainability in travel and tourism is embarked upon as Gold Certified. The categories in which RAKxa was considered to be particularly distinguished were Legal Compliance, Labour Practices, Bribery & Corruption, Health & Safety, Human Rights, Sustainable Design & Construction, Environmental Stewardship, and Social & Community Development.

RAKxa Organic Farm farmer

According to RAKxa‘s Managing Director, Miss Dusadee Tancharoen said, “As one of the top priority aspects driving the wellness industry, RAKxa‘s mission aligns with the Sustainability agenda, promoting Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Growth in society, business and the environment. We are dedicated to enhancing people’s quality of life without exceeding the limitations imposed by the planet’s ecosystems. Sustainability, in the context of the twenty-first century, is defined as the extent to which the biosphere and human civilisation can coexist.

RAKxa‘s actions in pursuit of Green Growth 2050 certification have included giving team members with Green Growth 2050 information and knowledge of its advantages, as well as sustainability training to raise team members’ awareness. In an effort to empower communities, RAKxa had developed a community well-being initiative prior to its inauguration that aimed to improve the health and food safety of community members. RAKxa contributed to the refurbishment of a number of local residences and engaged in the “School Kitchen” project to teach children and adults about nutrition and healthy eating.

RAKxa Organic Farm harvesting

Getting down to the basics, in particular our nutrition, as well as environmentally safer practices, RAKxa launched a program to encourage local farmers and growers to use organic agricultural methods in an effort to return to the fundamentals, focusing on nutrition and ecologically safer practices. Eventually, 8 rai (3.16 acres) of idle land was developed into an organic farm, and all of our vegetables, fruits, and ornamental flowers are sourced locally.

From Waste to Worth is another initiative undertaken by RAKxa in which food waste is converted to biofertilizer for the next-step utilisation in RAKxa‘s organic farm. A collaboration with local temples was formed as well to turn plastic bottles into monk’s robes. Moreover, RAKxa is in the process of producing our staff uniforms from recycled plastics. These initiatives are designed to further Green Growth development in relation to the environment, improving the quality of our lives, protecting our ecosystem, and preserving natural resources for future generations. Reducing waste and preventing pollution, promoting efficiency, and developing local resources to revitalise the economy all create direct benefits for the community of Bang Krachao.

RAKxa Organic Farm produce

The guests of RAKxa are also aware of how they are helping the local and wider communities and reducing their impact on the environment.

The Green Growth 2050 Global Standard accreditation is a source of pride for the RAKxa team. However, this is only the beginning. Future plans for RAKxa involve a campaign to create zero food waste, which can be used in the production of bio-diesel and bio-fertilizer for the RAKxa organic farm, as well as the implementation of renewable energy sources, with solar cells for lighting the garden and other facilities on the property, at the top of the list.

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