Raja Laut 10 Year Anniversary

Raja Laut 10 Year Anniversary

What makes boats and sea going so magical and addictive? We will probably never find the reason nor the antidote. We only know that seventy percent of the earth is ocean, and that this vast expanse of blue seems to have a magnetic attraction on humankind. Try standing at the edge of land and stare out to sea – check the horizon – you might feel that “pulling” inside your mind and soul. It could be the “ocean’s call”, and Raja Laut was probably created to answer it. Our’s is a blue planet after all.

Over the last decade Raja Laut has had the pleasure of seeking out-of-the-ordinary experiences, whether it’s meeting the Moken sea gypsies in Burma’s Mergui archipelago, or watching descendants of the Konjo shipwrights craft hulls on the beach as their ancestors have done for years in Sulawesi. We have felt the presence of history, of the schooner and the spice trade. We have discovered that probably several lifetimes are not enough to explore all the places we want to see!

More than anything, we have understood that the experience of Raja Laut has always been about the emotion of the voyage, the connection of the people aboard, who come to sail together and make unforgettable memories. And so for the 10th Anniversary of Raja Laut we would be honoured if you would share your favourite Raja Laut photos with us. Wherever you are, do get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you !

Raja Laut

Raja Laut

Schedule 2016

November to April : Myanmar

Starting from November until April, the Raja Laut is based in Myanmar and the Andaman Sea. This wonderful cruising area extends from the Mergui Archipelago in the north to Phuket, Langkawi, and many hundreds of islands in between.

June to October : Indonesia

Starting from June until October, the Raja Laut is based in Indonesia, an amazing country with literally thousands of islands, including Bali, Komodo, Flores, Alor and many many more..

For more information on the Raja Laut  location and availability check out their website: www.rajalaut.com


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