Power yoga at Rainforest World Music Festival

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  • A powerful class by Come Reza Yoga
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Yoga and health are inseparable, just like food and drink. Many in Asia wrongly think that yoga is an old people’s exercise, but that mindset is totally wrong as many young people nowadays accept Yoga as a relaxing practice that leads to a healthy lifestyle. Sure enough, in term of burning calories, yoga is quite a slow activity compared to other types of exercise; however, if taking into consideration the aspect of mental health, yoga is indeed winning its mark. 

A powerful class by Come Reza Yoga

We are all aware that, despite of the feeling of so many beautiful moments in life, our human brain tend to fill with worries and negativity, mainly due to work stress, a troubled relationship or any other similar cause. Yoga is believed to be the miracle cure to these mental ailments. 

Yoga originated in India and it’s a term that comes from Sanskrit, meaning ‘to find peace and relaxation’, hence it became a form of meditation. It is a proven fact that a disciplined Yoga practice leads to the achievement of peace and relaxation, as well as fulfilling the control of body and mind. 

Hinduism encompasses several types of Yoga, amongst which is Classical Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga, while in Buddhism, Yoga is known as Jainism and Tantra.

End of class stretching

Many nowadays will state that Yoga is a form of aerobatic exercise. By practising Yoga, you will build muscle strength, improve body balance and flexibility, reduce body pain, achieve stronger bones and increase blood flow. Yoga helps us to focus and to calm down and relax, increasing our level of of happiness. For the ladies, the great news is that by practising Yoga regularly, you can maintain an amazing body shape!

Few studies have concluded that Yoga can help fight cancer. Whether this is correct or not, one thing is certain: practising Yoga correctly does no harm! Rainforest World Music Festival 2018 in Kuching, Sarawak, was complete of Wellness and Lifestyle class as usual. This, the organiser said, was thanks to the positive and overwhelming response they got from the previous year.

Asian Itinerary team keeping the postures

And like the previous year, Asian Itinerary (Stefano and Cato) once again took part in the Yoga session. At 11am of the first day at RWMF we followed the Power Yoga class introduction by teacher Louise, who is indeed a great Yoga instructor; she had extra yoga mats for those who did not bring theirs, and started off by showing us the poses properly, in a professional manner. Some of the poses, I must admit, were hard for me, but that was partly due to my not exercising regularly, hence my body was not so flexible. That was ok though, as Yoga is all about understanding your body after all.

Louise and Rodrigoo teaching yoga at RWMF

The 45 minute session with Louise and her team were really amazing. She started it with basic step and progressed slowly up to more challenging poses. Louise runs Come Reza Yoga, which Spanish language means Eat ad Pray, both important elements in our lives. 

To wrap it up, Rainforest World Music Festival is indeed the perfect and ideal place to get introduced to Yoga. You should always take into consideration the fact that Yoga is one of the oldest traditional form of exercise, one that help shaping body, mind and soul. 

For those interested in Yoga class, please note that Come Reza Yoga has a centre in Kuching. Their address is 1st FL., Sublot 1, Survey Lot 3262 Lot 2089, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, 93150 Kuching, Malaysia. For more details can log into their Facebook page https://web.facebook.com/enjoyyogaa/ 

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