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  • Charly and Offroad Laos Adventure team with a boat tour group
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  • Phasouk has a passion for photography
  • Phasouk with an adventurous customer
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  • Showing clients the amazing arti craft of Laos people
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Phasouk has a passion for photography

Phasouk Vansavath is a man with a passion, a passion to share Laos beauties to all visitors. Phasouk started his career in tourism in 1999 just after graduating from the National University of Laos, in the French department of Vientiane. First as French-speaking guide in Laos and then as team manager for a travel organization in Laos. He was in charge of training the French-speaking guides and controlling the quality of the tours they provided to travelers. 

Phasouk adventure with Off Road Laos Adventures began in the early 2000s. He and Charly explored together new tracks through the jungle and met with undiscovered tribes in the mountains and then presented the itineraries to European agencies. Their teamwork often led them to guide groups of adventurers together, Phasouk as guide and Charly as tour leader for the great joy of travelers at the time.

Showing clients the amazing arti craft of Laos people

Phasouk long years of service off the beaten tracks in Laos brought him a knowledge of the country in its smallest corner which today allows him to create with Off Road Laos Adventures team tailor-made trips far away from mass tourism.

With Phasouk and Off Road Laos Adventures, you will cross the most authentic and wild areas of this small part of the world still unknown, Laos. From discovery and cultural tours to ethnic hiking expeditions, their adventures among the tribes are all created in an approach of fair and sustainable tourism.


Charly and Offroad Laos Adventure team with a boat tour group

THEY ENCOURAGE the participation of local people in all their activities and strive to make their guests always feel in good harmony with the population during their discovery of Laos.

THEY CHOOSE the most favorable trading conditions for all their partners. In their opinion, always trying to lower their partners’ prices leads to exploitation and loss of quality control. What they want is providing customers with the best quality of service that they can offer, while respecting their local partners.

Phasouk with an adventurous customer

THEY CONTRIBUTE to collective awareness on the protection of the environment, social responsibility, respectful tourism and ensure nature preservation.

We hope you will take advantage of the amazing Off Road Laos Adventures team and contact them for your unique tour of Laos.

Khop tchaï laï laï, Phasouk Vansavath –


Off Road Laos Adventures Co Ltd.

29/2 Chaosomphou Rd. Visoun Village, Luang Prabang, LAOS

Tel/Fax: +856 71 254 695 – Mobile: +856 20 598 14423 –

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