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  • Cato enjoying the warm hotspring
  • The Panchor Hotsprings main entrance
  • The Bidayuh ladies promoting Panchor Hotsprings
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  • People enjoying Panchor hotsprings
  • People enjoying Panchor hotsprings
  • People enjoying Panchor hotsprings
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  • The Panchor Hotsprings

Most Malaysian citizens treat hot springs as a place to spend leisure time with families and friends at the weekend. Yet, despite the beauty of an hot springs environment, many do not know that hot springs are believed to cure various ailments. Panchor hot springs in Serian, Sarawak, is one well-known place that can help cure a variety of diseases.

The Panchor Hot springs

The Panchor Hotsprings

Located 90 kilometers from Kuching City, this hot springs have been operating for more than 5 years and is one of the most famous destination in the city. Panchor hot springs are visited by locals from Kuching and by people from all over the world, especially from Korea and Japan.

According to headman of the area Mr. Sirau Lungkis, during early times people were afraid to walk to the spring as it is located deep in the middle of a forest. But then a Chinese Tycoon discovered the place and started taking sick and impaired people there. Some of these people are since known to have recovered from their illnesses. After getting to know about these potential benefits, Mr. Sirau then discussed the issue with the villagers and they finally agreed to develop the area to the way you see it today.

Headman of the area Mr Sirau Lungkis

Headman of the area Mr Sirau Lungkis

Japanese women reckon that clay and mud from these hot springs are good for the skin, especially to do facials. It is believed that women has used mud from hot springs for beauty purposes and for treating skin problems including acne and sensitive skin for centuries. This is thanks to the fact that mud contains a complex mixture of natural minerals, sulfur and salt, which can draw toxins out of the body and boost the immune system and the skin tone. In addition, apart from the benefits of mud, the hot spring water itself is also believed to cure various ailments including stress, nerve pain and blood circulation. Mr. Sirau agrees with these beliefs, adding that the water at the pools is extremely good for people with blood circulation, diabetes and body pain problems”

Local visitor Mr Bong Yew Foh

Local visitor Mr Bong Yew Foh

“My advice is, if you suffer from chronic diseases like I mentioned earlier, you can come to this hot spring. I cant promise anything, but I have tried it and for me it works.

Two gentleman who were having their bath in the hot spring also agree with Mr. Sirau:

“At first, I did not know about the advantages to be had when you come to the hot spring, but I had heard about it from my friend. So many acquaintances who have had a stroke in their life, they recover after coming to this curative place day after day” said local visitor Mr Bong Yew Foh. “There have been many cases” he added; “ and I am witness to that. They come with chronic sicknesses, and stroke patients come here to recover. I know one of them from Matang Jaya whom already had two strokes, He decided to come here everyday and recovered fully after a few months of treatment”.

People enjoying Panchor hotsprings

People enjoying Panchor hot springs

Thanks to these news, a teacher from SMK Siburan, Sarawak, also started visiting this place at least 3 times a week during the school season and every day during the holiday season. At 51 years of age, he is confident the water from this hot spring is the best healing power for individuals who suffer from health problems but also for people who suffer from sleep problems. He has been coming regularly for 5 years and from that day, he stopped having health problems.

Meanwhile a 68 years old Korean tourist, Mr. Chung Koo Hyuk, thought that visiting the hot springs not only gives you good health, but it can also help find friends:

The Bidayuh ladies promoting Panchor Hotsprings

The Bidayuh ladies promoting Panchor Hotsprings

“I come here not only for taking baths, this place has lots of people and here I can build friendships”.

If you are in the Kuching area, do not miss the opportunity to visit Panchor hot springs, for leisure and for proving the public allegations about the curative benefits of spring water.

Panchor hot springs are open daily 7.00 am to 10.00 pm for a nominal fee of 4 Ringgit for adult and 1 Ringgit for children under 12 years of age.

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