Pai Jaidee Thai-German Restaurant

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 12.36.38 AMAs the restaurant’s name says, Pai Jaidee Thai-German Restaurant serves Thai food and German food, with a focus on sausages and steaks, as well as a wide range of Thai favourites, besides a variety of rice dishes, different types of noodles, soups, vegetable dishes and Asian desserts. Coffee and fruit shakes are also great there. At Pai Jaidee they are very proud of the menu they created and that they master with perfection, for the joy of happy customers.

60648995__AdA4UoiLFfV03vpm_gi2-dMEnMimYdxhnYjGiv2oa0Pai Jaidee receives good feedback on the mixed German sausage plate, consisting of Bockwurst, Bratwurst & Thuringer sausages. This meal comes with the options of adding Sauerkraut Bread or french fries. Pai Jaidee is the only restaurant in Pai to offer traditional German pork Wiener Schnitzel. This meal comes with the options of adding sauerkraut, bread, light and tasty Leberkaese or french fries. Pai Jaidee meat comes from a reputable source, and the sausages from a German producer in Chiang Mai.

3572038_ZzdIL3ijCDoBEq25bYHXsheMIrg-sj1s28c7L1sXQlwPai Jaidee is also popular for the affordable pricing and the comfortable dining environment, as well as the location: in the heart of Pai, at the start of the Walking Street. They are quite popular with Chinese customers, as Pai Jaidee food is appealing and reasonably priced, and also because several reviews of Pai Jaidee Thai-German Restaurant appear in Chinese travel guides and maps of Pai.

IMG_4218Pai Jaidee Thai-German Restaurant has a long-term plan to grow all their vegetables fresh from their two organic gardens. At present their fruit orchid provides the restaurant with all the fruit they need for the special Pai Jaidee shakes, but they have just started out on another venture to set up and grow unique vegetables and fruits on their newly acquired plots of land: morning glory, lemon trees, lemongrass, papaya and fern.

Pai Jaidee is also the proud producer of a film/documentary about Pai, which is available to download for free from their website in 4 languages.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 5.30.56 PMThe Pai Jaidee Thai German Restaurant is located on the corner of Walking Street and the Chiang Mai-Mae Hong Son Highway.

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