Nyepi – Unique in the whole World

Nyepi – Unique in the whole World

This special New Year’s celebration – Nyepi, meaning “to keep silent” falls on the day after the dark moon of the spring equinox in the Balinese Saka Calendar, when the day and night are of approximately equal duration. This religious ceremony is most important and sacred Hindu holiday on Bali and is bigger and more lavish than any other in the year. Nyepi is a day that the Hindu Balinese dedicate completely to connect more deeply with God (Hyang Widi Wasa) through prayer, fasting and meditation with an additional layer of introspection of the Self, to evaluate personal values such as love, truth, patience, kindness, and generosity.

On Nyepi day (23-24 March 2023), the island of Bali turns off all lights and sounds, stops all traffic, deserts all worldly activities, even the airport is closed for 24 hours and no flights are running, everyone meditates, while complete silence and serenity reigns over the entire island. It’s indeed a special experience, not only for the Balinese but also for all the visitors and tourists that are on Bali during Nyepi Day.

ogoh ogoh on nyepi day

On the eve of Nyepi, celebrations are held with large papier-mache giants, called Ogoh-Ogoh, paraded on the beach accompanied by loud gamelan music. These are then torched and, it is believed, that with the conflagration, any evil spirits that have brought disease and misery to the island during the past year will have also been banished.

On the day after Nyepi, known as Ngembak Geni, social activity picks up again quickly, as families and friends gather to ask forgiveness from one another, and to perform certain religious rituals together.

Stargazing becomes the most favourite activity on the night of Nyepi.

Have you ever seen a Milky Way like an ocean of stars above the sky at the night? We mean the image of Milky Way like in Hollywood movie capturing the splendid galaxy. At the night of Nyepi, you can experience this real sensation. Because of no light allowed during Nyepi, it practically makes only moon and stars fullfill a whole light of Bali. You don’t need to camp in the middle of jungle, to explore impeccable stargazing spot. Just sitting on terrace or balcony, the picturesque ocean stars can be enjoyed. Once again, Nyepi leads human to discover something spectacular from nature in simply way.

Located in the untouched North of Bali, Munduk Moding Plantation offers a special experience and celebration of the Nyepi day! Nestled in a working coffee plantation & surrounded by jungle, this spectacular place is the dream location for a relaxing getaway. Celebrate Nyepi in award-winning infinity pool beneath the unobstructed starlit sky!

If you are in Bali during Nyepi (23-24 March) we invite you to experience this unique celebration and a Silence day up in the North of Bali staying at Munduk Moding Plantation.

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