Lata Lama Villa

  • Kitchen area
  • Seger at his joglo private home
  • My bedroom
  • Inside the bedroom
  • A magnificent bathroom, indoor and outdoor
  • Lush gardens at each villa
  • One of the villas
  • An amazing living room area
  • Cozy corners throughout the property
  • Parking lot at Lata Lama
  • The entrance area
  • The bathroom entrance
  • An earthy breakfast
  • Living room
  • Sitting area at Lata Lama
  • One of the villas
  • Great facilities at Lata Lama
  • Kitchen at my villa
  • My private pool
  • Vintage feels

My villa at Lata Lama

Lata Lama is a unique and stunning collection of three lovingly restored Javanese wooden Joglo houses. This sentence may tell you everything and nothing, but their website described the place well, and the pictures published looked good, so I decided to book this establishment for my short stay in the North of Bali. No words really prepared me for the place I was going to discover.

I immediately understood this was a special establishment when, with my rented car, I drove down a small lane towards the beach, not far from the Northern town of Singaraja. I followed the signs to Lata Lama, driving through green rice fields, to reach a lush area that looked like a small local village. I parked, got off the car and was immediately welcomed by Seger, an affable local guy with a great smile and the right attitude, who made me feel at home straight away.

My private pool

After a short chat, I was given a tour of the property: three unique and lovingly restored, beautifully decorated hand-crafted Javanese wooden houses with stunning vintage chic style interiors. These Javanese marvels of simple yet complex architecture are called Joglo: they are about 100 years old, traditional, light and airy structures with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Sitting area at Lata Lama

I was stunned and amazed to learn that Segar has supervised the construction of all these marvelous houses himself, surely with love and care. In fact, Seger revealed, there is a story behind each and every antique piece you see at Lata Lama. Each house is detached and set in its own grounds with lush tropical enchanting gardens surrounding it, and a large secluded private swimming pool and relaxation area.

Each of these Joglo has been beautifully designed and decorated, and each has its own personality, charm and individual character. Features include a well equipped kitchen, A/C bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms , fantastic open plans, living rooms and outdoor terraces and decks. While the vintage feel is strong, Lata Lama is sheer luxury, comfortable and stylish, a place to relax in your own private beautiful walled garden and pool, a secluded sanctuary to relax and unwind. Needless to say, attention to detail in all aspects of the complex is staggering.

An earthy breakfast

The villa I stayed in was decorated in traditional style with fabulous wooden furniture and a modern twist. The huge bed was so comfortable and the bed linen so crisp that I had wonderful sleeps at night. Every morning, after I opened my garden door to give the pre-agreed signal, the Lata Lama team served me a fantastic breakfast of fresh coffee, eggs, fruit and great bakery items from a local bakery. I felt pampered.

A magnificent bathroom, indoor and outdoor

Lata Lama is the perfect retreat for anyone needing to enjoy, relax and unwind, be it solo travelers, groups or families. Seger and the team were so welcoming and attentive, offering to organize trips to the local waterfalls and dolphin watching, and entertaining me with great chats. I was advised to treat Lata Lama as my own home and I did, and in doing so I became part of their family. The easygoing atmosphere at Lata Lama was a great part of my stay there; I came as a guest and left, sad, as a grateful friend, so I cannot recommend the place highly enough.


Great facilities at Lata Lama

Lata Lama is located not far from Singaraja, the old Dutch capital of Bali, on the way to Lovina, a small touristy seaside village on the Bali Sea. Lata Lama villas are literally a two minutes stunning walk through green paddy fields to the local beach, where you can enjoy great sunsets daily. The Bali north area is home to several places of outstanding natural beauty: waterfalls, hot and cold volcanic springs, mountains and lakes. Activities include sunrise boat rides to watch dolphins, horse riding through tropical hills, visits to historic temples and to clove and coffee plantations. Restaurants and shops are all nearby.


Lata Lama Villa

Jl. Bali Bagus, Kalibukbuk

Lovina – Singaraja

Bali – Indonesia

+62 81 9999 89 082

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