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Do you love nature? Do you need clean air? Do you enjoy watching flora and fauna? If you are an adventure and nature lover, I would like to recommend to you a very extraordinary place located at the top of a mountain; a place one thousand meters above sea level yet to be fully discovered. This place is called Borneo Highlands Resort.

The resort grounds

The resort grounds

Borneo Highlands is a resort located in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, in the foothills of the Kuching province; it lays 60 km from town, an easy one hour drive. Since Kuching is a very simple province, full of multicultural ethnics and historical buildings, you will hear lots of dialects and languages on the way to this little heaven, as well as enjoying beautiful panoramas.

Borneo Highlands is the perfect hideaway for those seeking tranquility and peace from work and from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The resort is a kind of retreat destination as it offers more than just amusing scenery.

National Border

National Border

Among the attractions are a golf area, a jungle spa, nature, local food, herbal teas, an orchid’s garden, and freshwater from the waterfall. Yet, the most amazing place in Borneo Highlands is at the border between Malaysia and Kalimantan, Indonesia, nestled between the oldest and world’s second-largest tropical rainforest.

As Borneo Highlands Resort was created with emphasis to blend with nature, it naturally offers boundless outdoors activities all year round. One of these activities is the Padawan Nature Challenge which is jointly organized by Padawan Municipal Council and Borneo Highlands Resort.  It is a cycling and trekking adventure with competition amateurs categories, a challenge that gives the opportunity for adventurous nature lovers to be close to Mother Nature while experiencing the environmental and adventure tourism aspects of Padawan and of Borneo Highlands Resort.

Our writer Cato with a friend

Our writer Cato with a friend

Well, as for me, a day trip to Borneo Highlands is so exciting and meaningful that I always leave with a craving for more adventure there. On that one day trip, I managed to experience the real nature, to feel the fresh air, to taste botanical tea and delicious vegetarian food, as well as to visit Malaysia’s national borders.

So, if it is back to nature, it is back to Borneo Highlands Resort.

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