Plae Pakaa Phnom Penh New Season

Plae Pakaa Phnom Penh New Season


Cambodian Living Arts’ Plae Pakaa Phnom Penh will return to the National Museum stage starting on Friday, June 12. This season the production features a brand new show: War of Indrajit – a tale from the Reamker presented in the rare, art form of Sbaek Thom, large shadow puppetry, recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible World Heritage.

Creative Industries Manager, Melissa Im said: “The decision to add a new show, specifically ancient large shadow puppets is exciting for our team. Sbaek Thom is unique in that it both connects Cambodia to other forms of shadow puppetry in the ASEAN region but also serves as a signature of the country due to the size and individuality of each puppet. In February we hosted two special previews of the piece, which was received with enthusiasm from a packed house on both nights. We are thrilled to provide this opportunity to our visitors.”

This new season will also welcome back internationally-acclaimed troupe, Children of Bassac, performing their lively traditional dance show with new dances in the lineup, and Yike Amatak, performing their gripping musical drama, Mak Therng.

This season will run from June 12 to the end of August, with three performances each week:

– Fridays – Cambodian Opera, Mak Therng by Yike Amatak

– Saturdays – Dance Show, Dancers of Bassac by Children of Bassac

– Sundays – Large Shadow Puppets, The War of Indrajit by The Department of Performing Arts in collaboration with Children of Bassac

Tickets are $15 and available online at or at the Plae Pakaa Box Office at the National Museum on show-days from 10:00AM – 7:00PM

Plae Pakaa continues to employ over 140 artists and arts practitioners each year, providing them with regular income and professional working conditions, as well as offering national and international audiences with high quality traditional arts performances.

Plae Pakaa Siem Reap will be on break during the monsoon season but will return in late 2015. Further information will be announced in October 2015. The Sounds of Angkor and Wat Bo Shadow Puppet Troupe are still available for private events or gatherings, as part of Living Arts Experiences, CLA’s cultural offerings and activities.

Inquiries about Plae Pakaa, please contact Ms. Darathtey DIN on +855 12 489 325 and at or


Cambodian Living Arts was founded by Arn Chorn-Pond in 1998. Cambodian Living Arts facilitates the transformation of Cambodia through the arts. They work in collaboration with others to create an environment where Cambodian arts empower and transform individuals and communities through four key programs – Artist Development, Learning and Leadership, Knowledge, Networks & Policy and Market Creation. Season of Cambodia was initiated by Cambodian Living Arts in 2012, with a mission to illuminate and to advance Cambodian arts and culture, driving international support and attention to the creativity and diversity of cultural expressions in Cambodia today.

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