Hintok River Camp

Hintok River Camp

hintokrivercamo_logoHintok River Camp @ Hellfire Pass –

109 Moo 9 Ban Wang Khmer, Tambon Thasao, Ampur Saiyoke,

Kanchanaburi 71150 Thailand


Hintok River Camp @ Hellfire Pass is a luxury tented hotel set in the midst of nature near the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi. Situated in an incredible spot near the cliff of the Hellfire Pass in the mid-west of Thailand in Kanchanaburi, Hintok River Camp @ Hellfire Pass is a holiday retreat in the dense jungle overlooking the River Kwai. This natural yet luxurious camping site is perfect for nature lovers and for those with an interest in the history of the stunning past of this area, that is so rich and tragic.

All Hintok River Camp tented accommodations are all air-conditioned and featured with en suite bathroom with hot running water and toiletries. Bedding is according to standards of international branded hotels and the rooms are furnished in style with decorations made of local teakwood.

At Hintok River Camp  you can be as passive or active as you may like. Some choose to sit back, relax and chill all day long among the fertile nature or in the natural spring-water pool, while some others choose to go a bit wild. Activities include kayaking in the river, elephant riding, bamboo rafting and caving at Saiyok National Park.

The natural spring pool at Hintok River Camp is placed on the edge of River Kwai where you can sense the 100% nature breeze and a magnificent sunset. There you will rediscover the true definition of serenity and relaxation. The water is freshly running and naturally clean.

After the sunset, another side of Hintok River Camp @ Hellfire Pass begins as they offer an exotic buffet-styled BBQ dinner around the campfire and your canvas tent’s front yard.

For a special occasion request, they can also organize Mon dance performance (Mon is the native minority community living in the border of Thai-Burma in Kanchanaburi) while enjoying your BBQ dinner under the moonlight.

Hintok River Camp @ Hellfire Pass is the closest accommodation to Hellfire Pass Historical Site. Geographically, Hintok River Camp @ Hellfire Pass is situated on one of the best spectacular spots on River Kwai, in the Kanchanaburi province. This historic piece of land was a part of Japanese military-based camp during the World War II.

Hintok River Camp @ Hellfire Pass has been honoured with the following prices:

  • One of the top ten adventure resorts 2009 in Asia Pacific
  • Two Awards for Thailand Boutique Awards 2011
  • Top seven gorgeous places to go glamping in 2012

THAILAND ON 2 WHEELS stayed at Hintok River Camp in May 2014, sponsored by Asco Lotus – www.ascolotus.com

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