Buddys Bistro Terrace

Buddys Bistro Terrace
Buddy's Bistro Terrace interior

Buddy’s Bistro Terrace interior

Buddys Bistro Terrace is a little, clean and well-decorated eating place with outdoor seating and indoor air-conditioned seating too fir the sizzling days, located right at the entrance of Nim City Daily in Chiang Mai.

I discovered it while browsing for food after checking out a selection of Thai and Japanese restaurants nearby. Buddy saw me walking past his bistro and asked me if I had any other food in mind other than Japanese (which I did by the way). He was so welcoming I had to stop.

Buddy, in his professional apron attire, was convivial and cordial and tried to personally understand what I was after. Once the choice was made and the food matter was out of the way and the order passed to the kitchen, he spoke a few words in Italian language and told me he was Australian, but of Lithuanian extraction.

Buddy's Bistro Terrace menu

Buddy’s Bistro Terrace menu

I then started slowly working my way through the menu, a thick folder with plenty of Western and Thai food, all looking yummy I must say. Yet, I had already gone for beef stroganoff and there was no room for changing my mind. I limited myself to browsing all the choices: chicken and potato curry, fish and chips, English pies, home-made burgers, you name it. The Thai menu was also extensive, with soups and currys and spicy salads…

A good selection of Asian beers was available so I ordered a Lao Beer. Then my beef stew arrived and the adventure began: the meat was well-cookerd and so tenter it melted in the mouth, the mashed potatoes were smooth and with fresh herbs, and the bread was crunchy and tasty. I found nothing to complaint about while I slowly ate this filling and earthy dish. Excellent.

Buddy's Bistro Terrace's beef stroganoff

Buddy’s Bistro Terrace’s beef stroganoff

I loved the eating experience and the chat with Buddy. The food and drinks are reasonably priced, and you can have your meal with a bottle of wine from next door Wine Connection, with no corkage charge being asked.

I was told Fridays and Saturdays nights are the busiest in the plaza, with the area buzzing with locals and expats, so there is plenty of action.

Buddys Bistro Terrace is located inside the Nim City Daily complex, 100 meters down from Rimping Supermarket, and has ample car parking outside. Give it a good try if you are in the area. You will not be disappointed.

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