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  • The patio at Bliss Spa
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bliss spa logoBliss Spa

House # 29, Street 240, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: +855 023 215 754

The shop front

Bliss Spa entrance

Set in a beautiful French Colonial-style house with vintage decoration, old floor tiles and polished cement walls, a lovely setting on an otherwise typical city street, Bliss Spa welcomes you with an aura of Asian retreat from times past. I arrived at the Bliss Spa in a sunny afternoon and was welcomed by the manageress at their gorgeous Bliss Boutique shop selling amazingly good fashion clothes and house wares.

I was accommodated in a comfortable sofa and offered a refreshing tea. The staff came back a few minutes later and invited me to follow them to an open and airy internal courtyard covered in lush vegetation, with huge frangipanis in bloom, stoned floors and walls, and a pond full of colourful flowers and lively fish. At the changing area I put on the provided bathrobe, feeling at ease and ready for my treatment.

The patio at Bliss Spa

The patio at Bliss Spa

The staff then motioned me to the upstairs area where my masseuse was waiting for me in one of the spacious rooms complete with a bathtub, a sink corner, a nice massage bed, Buddhist elements of decoration and wooden furniture. The scent of burning essential oils permeated the air; I seated on a stool and the masseuse washed my feet in a bowl of warm water and flowers while I browsed the amazing menu with a unique range of treatments. I went for the “Essence of Bliss” massage since my body was aching from fatigue and heat (photo equipment can be quite heavy!), and asked for medium-strong touch.

The Bliss Spa therapists

The Bliss Spa therapists

The therapist made me lie down on my belly in the extremely comfortable massage bed for the first part of my treatment, and started massaging my back exactly as I expected: not too strong, not too soft, guiding me through a fantastic, deep relaxation massage. This, and the soft ambient music played in the background made me fall asleep after only a few minutes, only to be awoken by the masseuse, who prompted me to turn around. By then I felt already a change in my general well-being, so I was determined to stay awake and feel the last part of the massage. This was a great thing to do since I could really feel the benefit of her hands’ gentle yet firm pressure over my body, right where it was needed. I was positively surprised by her capacity to feel where my body ached and change her hand pressure accordingly.

The therapist stayed focused during the whole massage and the experience was extremely professional. I left Bliss Spa rejuvenated, hungry for food, feeling lighter and younger!


Massage room

Massage room

Bliss Spa is set in a beautiful old Colonial building in the heart of Phnom Penh behind the Royal Palace. The setting is beautiful and the service from the receptionists and therapists is great. I found the massage to be very high quality, and their prices affordable. Bliss Spa is definitely highly recommended if what you are after is an amazing Spa experience. Bliss Spa has great packages that include steam, scrub and massage. Bliss Escapes are combinations of spa treatments carefully selected to energize your body and soothe away stress. Bliss Spa opens 7 days a week, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Download their treatments menu at


The Bliss Spa boutique shop

The Bliss Spa boutique shop, Bliss Boutique

Cassandra Harper created the ultimate fashion and home-wear range with Bliss, the epitome of bohemian sophistication, with style and understated elegance. Since the mid 1990s, this inspiring Australian designer has had the opportunity to showcase an exceptional mix of exotic fabrics with avant-garde design, to create collections that people remember. Her fashion pieces are cool and casual, feminine and timeless. Maxi dresses in sheer cottons complement floating kaftans and chic voile peasant tops. Silhouettes are elegant. Every print, pattern and style is unique to Bliss, a product of Harper’s constant travels and testament to her passion for colour and texture. For interiors, picture the French colonial style of Cambodia, the whitewashed walls and serenity of poolside Phuket and the eclectic chaos of India or Bali and you can glimpse the style that is Bliss. Natural fibers, a fiery rainbow of colour and cool, soothing textures add harmony to any space. This is a captivating lifestyle brand for travel and leisure, poolside and partying.

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