Be inspired at BaliSpirit Festival

Be inspired at BaliSpirit Festival

BaliSpirit Festival is a Global Celebration of Yoga, Dance & Music, located in Ubud, Bali at March 19 until March 26, 2017. Over 200 different daytime workshops, events and local delicacy were presented. Attendees can freely move between an unlimited number of workshops and events. Workshops and events range from yoga classes, health seminars, sound healing, meditation and music performances from leading teachers, artists and presenters from all around the world.

For the day session, the BaliSpirit Festival is held at the Bhanuswari Resort, a 10 minute drive from Ubud center, while for the evening session the events of Bhakti Night and One World One Stage will be held at ARMA where music and diversity are celebrated.

On 23th of March, BaliSpirit held a press conference about community. The conference discussed about how we – as part of our community – engage on developing and empowering the community, so we can independently be the agent of change. Communities invited to the discussion were Bali ReGreen represented by Kadek Gunarta, Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDS represented by Raka Sutariyani, and TRI Handkerchief represented by Ben the founder who, amazingly, happens to be a 14 years old boy.

All three presenters are true examples of how community can create a better way of living, transform how people think and, most importantly, inspire people to do something better for their life. At Bali Regreen, Kadek Gunarta and all member of his community use bamboos to empower people so they can live more prosperously without forgetting the ecology aspect. At Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDS, Raka and all of the members of Ayo! encourage young people to speak louder about HIV&AIDS so the awareness about this phenomenon can wide-spread. Ben with his TRI Handkerchief is trying to get people to stop using paper towels and tissues, finding a more sustainable solution to drying their hands or blowing their noses. Ben explained that rainforests are being illegally cleared and burned in Indonesia partly by companies that make paper. “People just keep on consuming and wasting paper products without thinking of the impact. Humans and animals are dying because of the bad air from the fires, and orang-utans are rapidly losing their habitat.”  That is why Ben is proposing an alternative that will help save orang-utans and the forests they live in: handkerchiefs.

Last but not least, stay positive, spread the love, be inspired and be the light to your community!

BaliSpirit Festival 2017 bigger than ever


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