Hiking to Wong Panchor and Wong Mawang

Hiking to Wong Panchor and Wong Mawang

Our visit to Simunjan (Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia) was not a planned one. We somehow ended up there after scrapping up our original plan to visit the magnificient Belungei Waterfall in Lundu at the last minute. Something happened that made us head towards an alternative location, and I must say this amendment was not to be regretted. 

Wong Panchor is a waterfall in Kampung Mentu, Simunjan. The hike to Wong Panchor is relatively easy, and takes about 45 minutes. If that’s not enough for you, continue on to Wong Mawang waterfall for an additional hike of just 30 minutes that is worth the sweat. 

We started our journey early in the morning on a Saturday. Simunjan town is 2 about hours away from Kuching via either the Kuching-Serian Road or the Samarahan Road. We woke at 5,30am aiming to be ready to leave at 6am, after picking up our mates. 

Looking at the sun rise, driving to Simunjan in the early morning is totally refreshing for the eyes. The views are amazing, quite a treat. We passed Siburan and Serian, and followed the Gedong road until we hit the town. 

We decided to stop in a food spot in order to refill our energies before starting our hike. In Malaysia, ordering teh tarik (pulled tea: a milk tea that is pulled until it bubbles) is a must, yet some of us prefer black coffee or a plain tea. Teh tarik goes well with Kueh Tiaw Goreng or Mee Goreng (fried noodles) and fried eggs. I am a vegetarian so I skip the dishes containing meat and try other breakfast delicacies instead. 

Once we were done with the food, we drove towards Kampung Mentu, the location where the hike starts. From Simunjan to Kampung Mentu it’s a 1 hour drive, a tough one! The road is like a roller coster and at certain places the conditions were pretty bad. This road used to be a palm oil truck road. If your car is not in good conditions, do not attempt it. The bumpy ride is compensated by the views of the journey: Iban people villages with their traditional longhouses. 

At our arrival, we met up with our tour guide and at 10am we stepped into the woods and were on the hike towards the waterfall. The path is smooth: at first we were inside the forest for a few minutes, then we walked downhill along a stream on a stoned path until we passed a water pipe. 

We reached the impressively big Wong Panchor waterfall after 1 hour of hiking. The pond it forms is quite deep and dark, and the water is refreshing. After taking turn to shoot photos of the waterfall, we decided to start preparing lunch. Some started cooking, other went for a swim. Eventually we had lunch, and after that some hanged their hammock and went for a siesta. 

Sometime passes before we decide to pack up and move on to another waterfall: Wong Mawang. Though the hike only took 30 minutes, most of the path was challenging and climbing ups we were relieved when we reached the place. Wong Mawang is a mesmerising waterfall, so we all took some photos of it, before starting our hike back. 

All went smooth on the day, and everyone feels safe and happy. We wrapped up by paying our tour guide and left the area.  This area of Simunjan is vast, the landscapes are undeniably beautiful so yes, I loved it all! Taking a trip and a hike there with a group of friends was the best choice. 

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