Hiking amongst Laos tribal villages

Hiking amongst Laos tribal villages


As usual with OFF ROAD LAOS ADVENTURES, they like to share with you the exotic news about Laos, and also the backstage of how they create your extraordinary tours.

They have recently spent a lot of time within the mountains and jungles to make you feel what it’s like to explore the northern tribes areas. Follow their unique and always brand new adventure tours.

Click on this link to discover one of their awesome exploration tours. The whole OFF ROAD LAOS ADVENTURES¬†team wishes you to have great and sunny summer holidays here in Laos, or somewhere else in the world ūüôā


THEY CREATE thorough and truly exceptional unique programs for groups and family in search of a real unforgettable quality tour in Laos and this for all their activities and monitor them constantly for improvement.

bike tours

THEY CHOOSE the most favorable trading conditions for all partners. In their opinion, always trying to lower our partners’ prices leads to exploitation and loss of quality control. What they want is providing you with the best quality of service that they can offer, while respecting our local partners.

THEY RESPECT local communities, their laws, their customs, traditions and cultural characteristics.

CONTACT THEM and speak to one of their travel specialist today to start planning this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. They reply to all your emails within 24 hours during the week days.

Let them know your expectations and they will create an amazing private adventure tour for you and your group !

Quality makes them different!


Offroad Laos Adventure team

Off Road Laos Adventures Co., Ltd. based in Luang Prabang is composed of Lao & international team of 15 experts who have been pioneering in Adrenaline Pumping Activities in the Lao wilderness since 2000.

Tailored tours specialists, with sustainable values, they put all together their 17 years experience in Laos to create private itineraries from jungle ethnic expeditions to unforgettable motorcycle tours with customized special encounters that offer to your family and friends a real Lao experience far away from tourist places.

First motorbiking tours company opened in Luang Prabang their renown have crossed every borders. Their team of bikers provides exclusive personalized and guided on-road and off-road motorcycling tours all safe and legal.

If crossing one of the most untouched regions in Laos by an Adventure Exclusive Tour is your kind of trip sensations then contact them now and let’s create your adventure together before you arrive.

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