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  • Abalone mushrooms
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It was on the way back from Genting Skyway Cable Car that I came up with the idea to visit Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm in Malaysia. My friends insisted it was not worth paying the (Malaysian Ringgit) RM 8 entry ticket just to see strawberries, but I insisted: I believed a short visit to this attraction was going to be worth our money.

I make this point because in the end the place was more than worth a visit. The farm was so peaceful, clean and beautiful, with fresh strawberries and other attractions we all enjoyed. And this is my account:

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm main Entrance

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm
main Entrance

Strawberry farm

Strawberry taste is quite sour but all and all, I love it. I like strawberries colour when ripe: red like a lipstick. I love their smell and taste when they melt in my mouth. Overall, I do love strawberry and I prefer to eat them fresh together with ice cream.

Let me tell you about the farm. There are plenty of strawberries for the visitor to see and even pluck for a price: the minimum you are allowed to pluck is 100 grams, which cost you around RM 8.

The beauty of strawberry farming

The beauty of strawberry farming

Clippers and basket are provided for you.

Apart from plucking, you can witness the strawberry farm process on how they take care of the plant until it bears fruits, from the raw material to the final product.

If you intend to purchase strawberries and related products, they have a small shop near the main entrance, selling strawberry products like jam and juice.

Lavender rows

Lavender rows

Lavender farm

I love strawberry as much as I love lavender, as I know their purple colour is good for the eyes. This farm can be found not far from the strawberry farm, a short walk up a hill. The garden is so lush and green, complete with lavender as well as different species in bloom, like sunflowers and roses. A great place for photo taking.

Honey farm

The bees farm

The bees farm

It was great to find out that the process of making honey was also represented, with a great wealth of information. The honey is priced according to its quality, but do not be surprised: the honey at Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm is genuine and natural.

Honey is such a good product, giving us a perfect eating pleasure and contributing to our health and beauty. Honey can in fact treat acne, sleep problems, gastritis, asthma and hemorrhoids.


Burdock tea

Burdock tea

As I walked across the farms, I found a lot of souvenir shops selling several products such as Genting Highland strawberry tea, coffee and chocolate drinks, t-shirts, key chains, fridge magnets and more memories to bring back home. And since I felt like a tourist, I did buy some: the coffee drink mixed with strawberry cost RM 32 and the burdock tea RM 40. Wow, you would think: expensive! But let me tell you about burdock tea: it is a traditional drink made out of tree bark and marketed for health purposes. Chinese people in China and Malaysia drink this tea everyday in order to treat and prevent health problem such as diabetes, cholesterol problem, detox and constipation!

Mushrooms farm

Mushrooms farm

Mushrooms farm

It was at the last section of the farm that I encountered rows and rows of mushroom, some not yet sprout. They looked so unique and beautiful that I felt the need to learn about them. It turned out those were abalone mushroom, known as ‘king oysters’ thanks to their health qualities. This mushroom consists mainly of Vitamins B and proteins, which are helpful in strengthening our immune system. A small stall at the corner has abalone mushroom for sale to the public.


When I read the notes I jotted down during my visit, I realized the RM 8 entrance fee is not so bad (kids only pay RM 5). The visit was extensive and the air was refreshing. I would suggest the farm to set up a stall on the outside so visitors to the area who are not willing to pay the entrance fee can still purchase the delicious strawberries produced by Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm.

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm is open to public everyday from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm. For more information, visit them on Facebook:

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