Fusion Resort Cam Ranh Welcomes New Culinary Director

Fusion Resort Cam Ranh Welcomes New Culinary Director

Fusion Resort Cam Ranh, a wellness-inspired property on Vietnam’s scenic south-central coast, has appointed a new culinary director, P.J. Bosman, to oversee the resort’s healthy and sustainable “farm-to-table” dining concept.

Bosman, a South African, joins Fusion following successful stints as an executive chef and culinary operations manager at other luxury hotels and resorts in Vietnam, and as a private chef for a royal family in the United Arab Emirates.

As head of Cam Ranh’s culinary program, Bosman will also help to manage one of the largest resort farms in Vietnam—with more than 300 animals, a mango orchard, and a 3,000-square-meter herb and vegetable garden producing more than 40 kilograms of fresh homegrown vegetables daily.

“I want to source as much as possible from the on-site farm and the surroundings,” Bosman said. “We are now starting to plant numerous fruits and vegetables and will be able to harvest them in a few months’ time. We will always have something supplying the restaurants from the garden, as we focus on seasonality.”

Fusion Resort Cam Ranh is home to celebrated restaurants and unique dining opportunities, including the poolside Fresh restaurant serving a clean-living menu of Vietnamese and international favorites; Zen Bar with wood-fired pizzas, snacks and tapas; Breeze, which hosts distinctive pop-up meals and acclaimed visiting chefs; the weekly Beach Barbeque featuring fresh seafood, meats, salads and local Cam Ranh specialties under the stars; exclusive in-villa dining; and romantic candlelit meals for two.

Fusion’s strong wellness focus will also inform the menus under Bosman, who says that homegrown, seasonal and fresh produce will be hallmarks of the resort’s culinary program.

“My vision is to have a story for the menu: where the food comes from, why we are using certain produce and so on,” said Bosman, a graduate of The Culinary Academy in South Africa. “When chefs use the best possible produce our job is easy, as the ingredients speak for themselves.”

Fusion Resort Cam Ranh also established the Fusion Farm school where they teach classes daily, on a complimentary basis, to guests and employees’ children on how to care for animals and grow vegetables. Children also enjoy collecting their own free-range eggs for breakfast. All of their wet raw food waste is used to feed the animals, resulting in zero removal of waste from the property.

For more information about Fusion Resort Cam Ranh, please call +84 258 3989 777 or email xinchao.frcr@fusionhotelgroup.com or visit camranh.fusionresorts.com.


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