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Any coffee lover worth his bean or indeed anyone on an Indonesian tour would do well to include a trip to Munduk in their itinerary. If only to visit the birthplace of Kopi Luwak coffee, which gained worldwide fame after it was featured in the Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson starring movie, The Bucket List.

Coffe production at Munduk Moding

Kopi Luwak is one of the world’s most expensive coffees and is harvested from the excreta of civet cats that eat coffee berries as part of their diet. The coffee’s distinctive aroma and flavor is believed to be derived from the civet’s digestive enzymes that break down the coffee berries, all of which combine to make it upwards of fifty dollars a cup in fine-dining restaurants!

Munduk is located 800 meters above sea level with conditions that are ideal for coffee-cultivation. It is no wonder that the hills of Munduk are dotted with coffee plantations, but also boasts aloe, cardamom, cocoa, vanilla, rice fields and anything else that will grow in its fertile soil. It is also one of Bali’s most pleasing mountain retreats and offers much more than coffee, making it well worth the reason for a tour to Asia.

Munduk Waterfall

Verdant and cool with fresh mountain air, its lush-scape flows with waterfalls and lakes and is ideal for treks and walks galore. Walks in the hills are a pleasure as most of it is shaded, with bird song everywhere and little coffee stalls along the way, making for idyllic pit stops. It really is a coffee lover’s paradise, though its beauty makes it paradise for anyone that appreciates nature at its most gorgeous. Indeed to walk amidst hills wreathed in mist is to feel the divine.

Munduk is dotted with charming places to stay, ranging from the affordable to the boutique and ultra-luxurious, making it a key part of luxury Asia trips. If luxury is your idea of a holiday then head to the gorgeous Munduk Moding Plantation to experience unmatched hospitality set amidst pristine green for as far as the eye can see. The plantation is a luxury resort and spa set in a working coffee plantation and bears the proud tag of best Luxury Eco Resort in Indonesia.

The resort employs people from the Munduk and Gobleg villages to care for guests, and also engages them in activities that maintain the tropical rainforest and water preservation. Aesthetically styled, the resort is a perfect example of design in congruence with nature. Designed by award-winning Balinese architect Popo Danes, it features Balinese architecture with modern function. To ensure privacy and the well-being of each guest there are only nine villas and three suites in the resort, all tucked away amidst the lush vegetation, with spectacular views of rolling hills and jungle all the way to the coast.

Main building

For true relaxation and indulgence their stunning spa made from bamboo and alangalang (palm fronds) is irresistible. A range of massages and treatments are on offer, though my personal favorite was the coffee bean scrub from their plantation grown kopi (beans). A treatment that was organic, revitalizing and locally sourced ticked all of my checkboxes!

Since the resort is on a coffee plantation guests can enjoy wonderful organic coffee grown from Robusta and Arabica beans, as well as Kopi Luwak coffee collected from the plantation. A true coffee connoisseur is spoilt for choice at the resort and can also experience the whole process of bean to cup with them.

If all that fresh mountain air and caffeine means you might feel like some action, worry not there is plenty to do. From playing tennis, badminton or working out at the gym or even opting for horse riding to explore the surroundings, the resort is geared for every kind of wish list.

Local elder at Munduk coffee plantations

Or one can dive into their amazing infinity pool and surface under clouds that can almost be touched. The views from the infinity pool are panoramic, there is nothing like timing a dip with a spectacular sunset and finishing with a long, cool drink. Perfection indeed!

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