Easy Thai Language School – Krabi

Easy Thai Language School – Krabi

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With limited language schools in Krabi, Thailand, you are do not have lots of choices if you decide to study Thai language. However, the quality of the school I am going to introduce has no equals locally. I am talking about local teacher Khru Mint, popular for having taught Thai language to foreigners in local schools during years, recently opening her own school: Easy Thai Language School.

The school is based on a cute Thai-style bungalow in Ao Nang. They offer a variety of Thai language courses, and if you chose to attend one of their private courses, you can choose the time for your lessons together with your tutor, something I really recommend especially if your Thai language is advanced. 

Affable and always cheerful Khru Mint

During the course you will learn what you need to become a fluent Thai language speaker. You will also learn how to read and write in Thai. The Curriculum will be set adequately to the level of your knowledge, with your level being evaluated by your teacher.

Every next course will be the continuation of, and the addition to the one before. After each one of them you will know more about the language and the culture of Thailand. At the end of the course you will be a fluent Thai language speaking person, able to write and read easy Thai texts. Khru Mint has prepared their own study programs, books and materials, which have been officially recognised by the Thai Ministry of Education.

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Easy Thai Language School also offers courses that attract a 1-year Education Visa (at a good price) so you can comfortably stay in Thailand for a whole year learning Thai language. 

I studied Thai language with Khru Mint for 1 year and, complemented with my previous experience in other Thai language schools and with the feedback I got from friends and student mates who studied with me, I can safely recommend Khru Mint as your best choice in Krabi. 

You can contact Easy Thai Language School via FB: https://www.facebook.com/easythaikrabi – via email at easythaiaonang@gmail.com – or call +66814710412 

* courses will give you an excellent opportunity to learn to speak the Thai language in an impressively fast way.
* during your course, quickly and comprehensibly, you will learn about the structure of Thai language.
* you will know how to construct and use the positive, negative and question forms.
* the teachers will be introducing and discussing the most important grammar areas of the Thai language.
* your vocabulary will be gradually and constantly growing and you will be studying many useful and specific expressions.
* you will be taught how to greet others, how to introduce yourself, how to express your thoughts, how to ask and answer questions in Thai cultural polite ways.
* relevant and every day topics will be our reference points for conversations during the course.
* vocabulary related to the time, calendar, food, house, family and vocabulary from other fields of interest, will be the aim in the first courses.
* you will learn how to use Thai grammar forms.
* there will be lessons introducing you to the words which will help you to describe others and to describe the world surrounding you – adjectives, verbs, adverbs, nouns and pronouns.
* you will learn the structure order of Thai language.

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