A drive around Bali – Part 4 – scenic Munduk

A drive around Bali – Part 4 – scenic Munduk

Partial view of Tamblingan Lake

Back at the parking lot, I started the Toyota and drove towards Munduk. Along the way, on the section of road that descends to Lake Beratan, I encountered several monkeys that were busy playing or sitting on the pavement and on the railings, looking at passing cars, hoping for some food.

The traffic on the road moved extremely slowly, and I finally I reached the end of Lake Beratan and turned left towards Seririt, a town in the north of Bali. While this scenic road of twists and turns right on a ridge usually rewards drivers with amazing views over the two volcanic lakes to the left, Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan – locally called Twin Lakes – it was so hard to follow due to the wall of rain that was falling, which forced me to stop for a break.

View over Munduk Moding jacuzzi area and the hills

Because of the heavy torrential rain, the traffic nearly ceased completely and this allowed me to drive the remaining 5 km to one of the most extraordinary places in Bali, Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort & Spa – TO BOOK A DISCOUNTED ROOM AT Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort & Spa CLICK HERE !

The hotel was literally surrounded by clouds, and the only thing I could see were the gardens and the heated infinity pool, but these were enough to anticipate the natural beauty of north Bali, and the special establishment that is Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort & Spa. This eco resort is perched on the northern hills surrounding the village of Munduk and the nearby villages of Kayuputih and Banyuatis.

My beautiful room at Munduk Moding

The villa I was allocated was amazing, and the main hotel building had a restaurant and facilities such as a gym, a pool table and a great library of books and magazine, so there was no reason for me to go out anymore, given the inclement weather. I instead took advantage and put a bit of order in my notes and pictures. The hotel restaurant serves local specialties cooked the traditional way with organic, locally-grown ingredients, so when my tummy called for food, I had a great dinner of pumpkin soup with crouton (given the weather) and Tahu Tempe Menyat Nyat, a tasty tempe and tofu stew served with local rice. Delicious.

Great scenery awaits you in Munduk

The following morning, after a tasty continental breakfast served with a huge pot of locally grown coffee from the Munduk Moding plantation, I was picked up by Bali Jungle Trekking for a great trek to three of the most beautiful local waterfalls: Golden Valley, Tanah Barak and Melangting. The weather was so nice compared to the day before that I could not believe my luck: sunny, with a nice breeze that kept us cool and relaxed; the only downside was the slippery path, due to the rain that had fallen in the previous two days. The highly appreciated tour can be booked at https://balijungletrekking.com/bali-jungle-hiking/

Munduk Moding strawberry farm

Upon my return to Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort & Spa, as it was still early, I decided to take their nature walk along a path that takes customers through their amazing coffee plantation and organic gardens. The walk was a trek in itself; I took my time and looked carefully at every different plant in their amazing compound, which comprise a strawberry garden, bamboo trees, avocado trees, banana trees, vanilla, pomelo, some astonishing wild orchids and more plants that I have surely missed, given the size of the place. I visited the horses stables, where attendant Putu Apri was feeding the beautiful and gentle animals, and made an encounter with the affable resort GM Mr Gede, who was supervising the building of a new fish pond.

Traditional food at Munduk Moding

Dinner at the hotel restaurant was a fantastic Pesan Be Pasih, a Balinese traditional dish of mixed seafood roasted in banana leaves, which tasted delicious.


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The waterfall caretaker Made Sudama

The Toyota Agya was kindly supplied by Echo Bali Car Rental

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