Donations for a IT school in Laos

Donations for a IT school in Laos

For a decade now, thanks to the tourism agency Off Road Laos Adventures we have been organizing regular donations based on the needs of Laos villages inhabitants (scholar supplies, prescription glasses, clothes, etc…). These actions are really useful; however, we regret that they don’t provide a long term support.

School in Laos

To transform our short-term actions into a sustainable support, we took the decision to create a complete humanitarian project: building an IT school. It will give the opportunity to children, isolated in the Laos mountains, to learn how to use a computer which is now a must-known to get a job in cities and therefore help financially their families still in the villages.

This project is divided in several steps, which will be held depending on the donations that we get. Thank you for supporting us, and keep on making your donations for the building of this school in a Hmong village in 2018.


Laos is a developing country with still some remote areas where locals can face difficulties to get basic resources, and a limited access to education. In order to help them, Off Road Laos Adventures & Trekking Laos have decided a few years ago to get involved, and is since running more and more charity work and donations thanks to associations and benevolent travelers.

To build on that progress, we now have bigger projects for 2017 to construct a school in a remote local village and more houses for the villagers and to welcome our future travelers to share more time with locals. If you like this project, please enjoy our last video on our survey in Northern Laos:

Enfants du Laos

Children of Laos

Meaning Children of Laos, Enfants du Laos aims to develop access to education for ethnic groups of the country. Our goal is to enable children to have a better future by their own. These villages with lack of resources and school furniture need our help. That’s the reason why we develop school infrastructures with western courses. Our long term targets are to provide a sustainable support with a family  autonomy to contribute to their children education and to ensure them a serene professional future. 

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