Discover Healing Benefits of Dancing at RAKxa Wellness

Discover Healing Benefits of Dancing at RAKxa Wellness

RAKxa Wellness, the leading medical wellness retreat in Thailand celebrates Global Wellness Day in June 2023 with exhilarating wellness experiences that reflect the spirit of this year’s theme – #DanceMagenta. Adopting a fully integrative approach to provide exceptional service and raise awareness about the importance of overall wellbeing, RAKxa Wellness spotlights dancing as a form of movement therapy available at the retreat to improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

RAKxa Movement Therapy

The human body is anatomically built for movement where bones, muscles and joints always function properly in motion. Physical activity has been proven to reduce the risk of various non-communicable diseases, including heart diseases, diabetes and cancer, these chronic illnesses can cause significant physical, mental and financial burdens for individuals. Incorporating dancing as a movement therapy into one’s healthy ritual could help to reduce physical stress, improve the range of motions, and promote overall well-being and especially longevity, that everyone longs for.

Dancing is Therapeutically Beneficial

Dancing has long served in many traditions as a method to release strong, creative and intense feelings. In addition to physical benefits, it has become clear that mental and emotional advantages from dancing are derived from the release of natural hormones of happiness, including dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins, which can uplift one’s mood and keep all forms of stress at bay. Dancing can also be paired with meditation exercises to increase mindfulness and strengthen social interaction to cherish inner peace and nurture harmony.

RAKxa Wellness offers dancing as a movement therapy that is personalised to suit anyone’s lifestyle and unmet needs, providing guests who suffer from physical, mental and emotional stress with therapeutic benefits while enhancing their social well-being at the same time. To help people incorporate dance into their daily lives, RAKxa Wellness shares tips to release physical, mental and emotional stress while experiencing the transformative power of dance:

  • Set your intention, placing your palms on your heart chakra and allowing yourself to move with the flow
  • Tune in to your favourite songs, gently shake your body and then dance freely
  • Move until your feel fresh, rewarding and relaxed
  • To properly cool down by stretching or practising yoga

Integrative Approach at RAKxa Wellness

Before dancing, it is necessary to prepare every inch of one’s muscles and joints for the move and allow the mind to be in harmonious alignment with the body. Yoga, an ancient practice that promotes physical strength, flexibility and mental stability through breathing, is an ideal pre-dancing ritual that can reduce the risk of injury.

The heart beats faster than normal and the cells are eager to utilise more energy and oxygen while dancing. Nestling oneself in the Hyperbaric Chamber at RAKxa Wellness, in which filtered oxygen is supplied at high air pressure can prepare the body before dancing and replenish cells after an exhausting session. Oxygen molecules play a vital role in generating cellular energy, helping one feel fresh and relaxed.

To properly cool down the body engine after a dance workout, Head to Toe Stretch, a one-on-one session provided by staff at the retreat’s medical gym – RAKxa GAYA is highly recommended. This passive stretch helps one gently loosen up physical tension, reduce lactic acid build-up, and improve range of motion and flexibility.

Driven by the belief that integrative wellness is essential to a healthy lifestyle, getting physically active is at guests’ fingertips at RAKxa Wellness which seamlessly combines dancing as a form of aerobic exercise with the innovative therapy of anti-ageing medicine along with customised nutritious meals that can help guests achieve the ultimate goal in their wellness journey in the long run.

June Wellness Activity: Chakra Dance

Chakras, which literally mean “wheels” in Sanskrit are energy points aligned along the body from the root to the crown. Dancing is an effective way to allow vital energy to smoothly flow through the line of chakras, helping the organs perform their functions properly and to restore body balance.

Khun Sakda, the Fitness Educator of RAKxa, will gear up for a one-hour Chakra Dance session on 17th June 2023 from 3:30pm to fill guests’ lives with a rewarding experience, fuel up their bodies with energy and allow their chakras to be in perfect alignment again. No proficiency in dancing is required to participate in the activity.

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