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The hotel entrance area

The hotel entrance area

I was a bit tired from the drive from Kuantan when I suddenly told my friend to stop and stay overnight somewhere before heading to Genting Highlands. It was past 6 pm and the sky was already dark, the night was coming to replace the day. There was no point in continuing the drive, so we stopped for a light dinner in Genting Sempah, where we googled for a reasonable hotel or small inn to stay. DHill Inn Genting, at the Genting Foothills, not far from the Genting Skyway Cable Car, seemed to be the best choice.

I called the hotel phone and booked a room for RM 85, which was within our budget. Plus. we urgently needed to rest our mind and body from a long journey.

It was dark when we arrived at the hotel parking lot. The small town near the inn looked amazing and so full of decorations, it looked like Christmas was being celebrated, reminding me of English movies filmed in winter.

I parked the car and headed to talk to the lady at the reception about the inn accommodations and prices. She told me the price is a little bit cheaper in weekdays, when the area is also not so crowded. Good for us, I thought.

View from my room

View from my room

Our room was quite pleasant and designed in a very local way. The inn has 3 floors consisting of several rooms. The first thing I noticed was the window, with its wonderful view. I opened it, and felt a cold breeze enter the room. I loved it.

My room

My room

The room had LCD Television, a fan, a king-size bed, shower with hot and cold water, a toilet bowl and a make-up table. No air-condition, but I guess you can imagine why: it’s Genting foothills and I can assure you it was icy cold. I was very happy with the room, though I wished the blanked had been thicker…

As the DHill Inn is located by a small town, you do not need to worry as there are plenty of restaurants where to eat and plenty of stores where to buy essentials.

DHill Inn is at 5, Genting Permai Boulevard, Genting Highland, Pahang 69000, Pahang. The inn is at 10 Kilometres from Genting Highlands. Find them at https://www.facebook.com/pages/DHill-In-Hotel-Genting-Permai-Genting-Highlands/538684362825623

Enjoy your stay.

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