Banyan Tree Buahan Presented ‘One Origin’

Banyan Tree Buahan Presented ‘One Origin’

Buahan, A Banyan Tree Escape in Bali, celebrated its one-year anniversary with a five-day program of crafted multi-sensory experiences that was held on 10 – 14 June 2023. The ‘One Origin’ anniversary celebration was an invitation to experience a different way of being, allowing resort guests and non-resort guests to rediscover the essence of Buahan and its commitment to providing exceptional experiences.

From exhilarating hikes to serene meditations, from captivating firefly treks to indulgent culinary adventures, the program was designed for guests to immerse in a deep sense of appreciation of nature, wellness and connection, in a harmonious fusion of the element of the universe. The programme included Hike to The Peak – a breathtaking trek through the lush forest guided by a local expert to the second-highest peak in Bali followed by a delectable breakfast with a stunning view of the sunrise and magnificent panoramas around. Nocturnal Fireflies Journey and Lentera Bumi Dinner – a special moment to see mesmerising fireflies at the firefly nursery, followed by a sensational plant-based dinner crafted from locally foraged ingredients.

Open Kitchen

Wild & Wine – A creative collaboration dinner featuring Barton & Gustier Reserve collection: Indulge in a culinary discovery, highlighting the ‘wild’ ingredients expertly paired with vegan-friendly wines from the Barton & Gustier Reserve collection, accompanied by the enchanting tunes of an acoustic jazz music.

Yin Yoga and Crystal Sound Healing Meditation was curated for guests to experience profound tranquillity through a harmonious blend of Yin Yoga and Crystal Sound Healing Meditation, guiding guests into a state of deep relaxation, healing, and rejuvenation. Buahan elevated the journey with the Vintage Life Journey and Pop-Up Lunch for an immersion to the traditional way of local life with a trip on a vintage car and visit the surrounding Balinese villages, Maharsi Markandeya’s first meditation place, and inspiring storytelling from priest who introduced Hinduism in Bali.

Buahan MainPool

The journey carried with the explorations to the palm forest (Alas Jaka) where the guests were invited to a local farm where fresh food for lunch prepared by a local mom in her traditional kitchen to be enjoyed together with a cultural performance.

The last day of the programme was The One Origin Celebration – An unforgettable evening of celebration at The Botanist, to witness the enchanting sunset over Buahan Valley with delightful, handcrafted cocktails. Continued the special dinner our talented culinary team curated at the Open Kitchen while being mesmerised by the performance of Balawan and Batuan Ethnic Fusion, and a refreshing ice bath after-party at the pool to end the momentous celebration.

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