Bangkok Art & Cultural Center

Bangkok Art & Cultural Center

If you are in Bangkok and want to spend one of your days in an unusual and culturally interesting way, then the Bangkok Art and Cultural Center, also known as BACC, is definitely for you.

Find the intruder – Image by Pluto

Find the intruder – Image by Pluto

The Bangkok Art and Cultural Center is located in central Bangkok and is one of the city’s most important cultural and artistic landmarks. The modern and innovative building complete of a glass and steel facade that BACC calls home was designed by Robert G. Boughey, an American architect who worked in Thailand for many years, where he still resides. He designed numerous buildings and urban projects in the region, leaving a significant imprint on the architectural scene of the Kingdom of Thailand.

After ups and downs mostly related to political and bureaucratic issues, the BACC was opened to the public in 2008, as part of the Thai government’s efforts to promote contemporary culture and art in the country, and quickly became a destination popular for art and culture lovers in Bangkok.

The production of a painter who paints on the spot – Image by Pluto

It houses galleries, exhibition spaces and theatres, offering a wide range of contemporary art exhibitions, theatre performances, film screenings, musical performances, workshops, conferences and other cultural and educational events.

It has also allegedly hosted unusual events such as robot races, however I cannot confirm this last statement with certainty as when I asked for more information, no one was able to able to confirm, and at the same time to exclude, this possibility. If this was true, it would definitely add something extra to the Center.

The BACC also has an extensive art and culture library, which some refer to as the largest in Bangkok, housing a large collection of books, magazines and DVDs on art history, contemporary art theory and practice .

BACC is where to meet Thai contemporary art

Entrance to the BACC is free, which makes it accessible to all, guaranteeing, among other things, the possibility of spending a relaxing day alongside a cultural visit. In fact, in addition to hosting galleries and exhibitions as previously mentioned, the building also houses all kinds of shops, cafes, restaurants, artists who paint on site and, absolutely ‘essential’ in a city like Bangkok, a shop of the chain Paradai offering, hear hear, hot chocolate.

Come to think of it, it doesn’t even seem like a bad idea. For once, let’s leave aside the commercialisation of our everyday life by avoiding visiting a shopping center, and let’s compare ourselves, alternatively, with a way where the new Thai generations express their artistic sense, enriching the traditional art of their country with modernity. After all, this too is a way of deepening the knowledge of a nation.

Bangkok is also about indulging – Image by Pluto

The Bangkok Art and Cultural Center is open every day, except Monday, from 10:00 to 20:00 and can be easily reached via the BTS green line, getting off at the National Stadium station.

Its address is 939 Rama I Rd, Wang Mai, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, a 3-minute walk from MBK Center.

Its telephone number is 02 214 6630

Its Website is

Watch the video HERE (in Italian language): 

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