BaliSpirit Festival 2018 is soon!

BaliSpirit Festival 2018 is soon!

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, March 2018BaliSpirit Festival is a Global Celebration of Yoga, Dance & Music. It

is located in Yayasan Bali Purnati, Batuan, Bali on April 2-8, 2018. This festival seeks to awaken and

nourish the potential inside every individual, leading to positive change in ourselves, our homes, in our

communities, and around the world.

Commencing on April 2, there are over 100 different daytime workshops and events at BaliSpirit Festival,

where attendees can freely move between an unlimited number of workshops and events. Workshops

and events range from yoga classes, health seminars, satsangs, sound healing and meditation to kirtan

and music performances from world class teachers, guest presenters, yogis, artists, healers, innovative

thinkers and musicians from around the world. Together to celebrate wellness, music, tolerance, peace,

cultural curiosity and joy in the stunning tropical setting, presenters are passionate about sharing their

knowledge to inspire and enlighten everyone to join the festival.

Yoga and Wellness at BaliSpirit Festival

This year, BaliSpirit Festival is proud to announce that the festival has been selected by the Tourism

Ministry of Indonesia in their selection of Wonderful Indonesia’s 100 Festival. No less than 100 events

and 10 national events are included in the Calendar of Events of Wonderful Indonesia (CoE WI).

For yoga lovers, there are classes for all levels, for absolute beginners to handstand lovers across all

traditions of yoga including: Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Hatha, Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Children’s

yoga and more.

BaliSpirit Festival

BaliSpirit Festival also provides dance classes, many discussions, music workshops, seminars, and in

addition to the many healing and breathwork workshops part of the main program of BaliSpirit Festival,

attendees can also book individual healing sessions offered at the Healing Huts area.

The Dharma Fair is the heart of the festival community with a thriving market place with the Community

Pavillion for all activities, and community daytime music stage: Coco Love Stage. The Coco Love stage

features artists from all over the world and offers a unique experience, features a wide range of uplifting

music and dance performances throughout the day. From local Balinese performances to world music

and kirtan, this area is for people wanting to visit and soak up the community atmosphere of the festival.

Dharma Fair showcases the diverse selection of healthy, organic and vegan food prepared by some of

Bali’s finest restaurants and vendors. Market Stalls of locally made handicrafts, jewelry, clothing and

gifts with an emphasis on artisanship and ethical commerce. There’s also the non-profit organizations

information area and the Kids Zone, with experienced daycare providers so kids can enjoy a full program

of games, creative workshops, arts and crafts, storytelling, bouncy fun and much more.

At night, BaliSpirit Festival also has a lively music concerts ranging from ecstatic dance to ceremonies

and kirtan. Nighttime Music concerts take place on April 3-7 followed by a closing ceremony at the end

of the last day on April 8. The closing day is dedicated to Hari Cinta Keluarga (Love Family Day), a special

Community Day which offers the local community a space to find connection with families through an

inspiring program of bilingual classes, performances & family-friendly workshops with some top guest

presenters for all ages. The family-friendly program offers a variety of interactive activities and


This year’s BaliSpirit Festival presenters includes: Eoin Finn (Canada), Duncan Wong (Japan), Mark

Whitwell (New Zealand), Papermoon Puppet Theatre (Indonesia), Ronan Tang (China), Anthony

Abbagnano (Italy), Latonya Style (Jamaica), Minuk (Columbia/Sweden), Deborah Langley (Australia), IB

Candi (Indonesia), Tina Malia (USA), Arif Sentosa (Indonesia), Young Ho Kim (Germany), Kula (Portugal),

Noviana Kusumawardhani (Indonesia), Julian Silburn (Australia), Diena Haryana (Indonesia), TyeZan

(Switzerland), Jennifer Ann (Netherlands), and Joe Crossley (UK), while in Dharma Fair booths from

among others, Ultra Jaya, Jory Best, Bali Yoga Shop, Aum Rudraksha Designs, Ubud Raw Chocolate,

Dapur Kopi Bali, Kebun, Om Prakash & Sons, Alchemy, Sudiana Design, Yin Jewellery, We Ar, KAFE,

Indigo Luna and Utama Spice. For complete listing of Presenters and Parties involved, you can check

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