Bali Spirit Festival 2013

Bali Spirit Festival 2013

Experience something that will change your world!

“The Bali Spirit Festival is a spiritually-charged event that celebrates the synergy of global cultural collaboration through wellness and the arts, yoga, dance and music, with a passionate and enthusiastic global audience. In addition to providing an inspiring space for personal transformation and sacred celebration, the Festival emphasizes giving back to the local community through creative, educational, and environmental outreach initiatives.”

I was simply taken by these words about a fantastic annual event in its sixth year, a festival that attracts top yoga and dance instructors, healers, musicians and several thousand guests, all in spectacular Ubud, Bali’s cultural and arts capital. And guess what: I, editor at large, was right there! I had heard so much about this incredible event in previous years, with its high quality and diversity of daytime workshops, world music concerts, holistic healing sessions and eco-friendly vendors that make it one-of-a-kind event in Asia.

And so there I was, getting up early in the morning, joining the festival for the 8am classes, starting off with Thai Chi and moving on to Sound Therapy with Bio Crystals, to Masala Bhangra Dance, to a Shiatzu or Watzu class, to a Capoeira session (!) and finally on the last day to a liberating Sunday Dance that closed one of the most fantastic and rejuvenating weeks of my life. And what to say about the evening concerts? In a location within Ubud with the stage set by an ancient temple entrance and the whole garden set amongst sacred trees, over four groups from different countries and with different music genre played and sang each night to the hundreds of people present, and each evening was a coronation of the daily practices at the festival.

Yoga is a great mind/body health maintenance system that can be practiced daily or sporadically by people of all ages and physical condition. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Bear in mind that though I have practiced Yoga in the past, I am not a Yogi, nor do I consider myself an expert or an enthusiastic fan of holistic and spiritual practices. But I do guarantee you that after the 5 days at the Bali Spirit Festival, I was younger, healthier and had so many fresh propositions in mind for my life that I could not believe the energy that I was giving off from every pore. This festival has provided me with an inspiring space for personal transformation and sacred celebration, a space I did not know I had within me. I simply tried to attend to as many classes as possible, and to follow my intuition looking for inspiration and mingling with each class, with each student. It worked, plus I met so many other like-minded people who let themselves be swept away in the rush of positive energy, and in utter enjoyment. Such a great communal energy gathered up in a marvelous place.

I also discovered that Bali Spirit Festival gives back to the local Balinese community through creative and meaningful outreach initiatives. Well done for that! Truly embodying the spirit of Bali, this internationally recognized annual event provides a platform of inspiration and change while drawing thousands of people from around the world. I will certainly attend again next year, and I hope you will do too! PS: I now have to find out how to maintain the mindful flow and inspiration now the festival is over…


– Over 100 workshops n Yoga, Dance, Music, Healing and Lifestyle. – Sample modalities of yoga include: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Laughter, Power, Anusara, Silat, Capoeira, Poi and Qi Gong – Dance styles draw from: Mandala, Javanese, Balinese, Indian and West African traditions – Music workshops feature the Djembe, Didjerdu, Kirtan and voice – Healing and treatments available range from: Energy Channeling, Sound Therapy, Dreamwork, Watsu, and Crystal healing – Daytime Dharma Fair and Night Market: Up to 40 stalls and booths featuring locally made products, food and services, and a traditional performance stage space – We Love Family Day! Hari Cinta Keluarga:  The last day of the Festival is by far the most popular and is dedicated to children and families – Featuring multilingual and free programming, welcoming the Balinese community to join in the festivities.

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