Artyzen Hospitality Group Philosophy of ‘Art, Culture and Emotional Wisdom’

Artyzen Hospitality Group Philosophy of ‘Art, Culture and Emotional Wisdom’

Artyzen Hospitality Group (AHG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shun Tak Holdings Limited (HKSE 242), is a homegrown lifestyle hospitality specialist with a focus on creating lifestyle-inspired guest experiences for the Gen Z and Millennials travellers. AHG continues its journey promoting mindful travelling where cultural, social and environmental impact meet.

From designing hotels to curating guests’ experiences, AHG embraces “art, culture, and emotional wisdom” by celebrating the beauty of traditions, the heritage of the locations and the people of the communities. This unique philosophy manifests into its Asian-rooted lifestyle pillars — 衣食住 行乐, re-imagined from the Chinese idiom “clothing” (art and design), “food” (culture and gastronomy), “housing” (habitat and community), “walking” (discovery and exploration), and “music” (joyful experience).

This concept is notably reflected in its “Tale of Two Cities” with its flagship luxury lifestyle hotel openings of Artyzen Singapore and Artyzen NEW BUND 31 Shanghai.

Artyzen Singapore – A Vertical Oasis in the Heart of Singapore (Opening Q4 2023)

Artyzen Singapore Rooftop Garden

Inspired by Singapore’s culture, colours, and flavours, Artyzen Singapore is a modern lifestyle hotel for luxury travellers. Located in the heart of the city, Artyzen Singapore offers 142 spacious rooms & suites – all with balconies, ceiling fans, and luxurious baths. Located on 9 Cuscaden Road, Artyzen Singapore is just a stone’s throw away from the bustling Orchard Road.

Embracing this unique heritage, Artyzen Hospitality Group worked in partnership with renowned architect ONG&ONG Pte Ltd and award-winning interior design studio Nic Graham & Assoc. to transform this luxury property into a lush vertical oasis. For food aficionados, the Artyzen Singapore offers a fresh reinterpretation of cuisines favoured and flavoured by the people of the Straits.

Quenino by Victor Liong – Quenino (pronounced as /ˈke-ni-nu/) means little one in Malaccan Creole Portuguese and was co-created with Hatted Chef Victor Liong, an Australian with Malaysian Chinese heritage. New Strait’s flavours are curated with an innovative blend of traditional and modern techniques with an emphasis on quality seasonal ingredients and artisanal products. Indulge in the chic comfort of the main dining area or savour in the intimate lush outdoor terrace.

Café Quenino – From refreshing breakfast to small bites, this lively café with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the landscaped garden is the place to be. Enjoy a snippet from our resident mixologist with cocktails made with herbs and spices from our rooftop garden.

The Roof Garden – A private social destination on the top floor with a sunken lounge. Discover savoury snacks and signature drinks with a twist of Artyzen’s Sino-Portuguese heritage. Stay cool and dip into the “floating pool”, a 25-metre cantilevered infinity pool with a partially transparent base with a perfect view overlooking the West Orchard Road neighbourhood.

Artyzen NEW BUND 31 Shanghai – A Modern Classic in the Buzzy Cultural Hub of Shanghai (Opening Q4 2023)

Artyzen NEW BUND 31 Shanghai

Artyzen NEW BUND 31 Shanghai, adjacent to the Performing Art Center with a red-carpet Grand Theatre and an innovative Black Box Art Space of NEW BUND 31, is an iconic destination in the making.

Designed by the award-winning Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, this modern classic subtlety weaves unique Shanghainese aesthetics, art, and cultural temperament into this one-of-a-kind place of respite and curiosity. 202 sophisticated and elegantly designed rooms with intriguing details and interesting perspectives for our guests to discover.

Premier room

This curated gem boasts an expansive destination dining experience on the fifth floor – Shanghai Modern, a destination within a destination with a creative interpretation of Chinese cuisine and Asian flavoured tapas. Perfect for stylish and exclusive social events are the geometrically inspired glass cube and circle rotunda hall.

“This is Artyzen Hospitality Group’s 10th year anniversary, and I am thrilled it coincides with our inaugural participation at ILTM Asia Pacific. Through the years, we have meticulously strategized and laid the foundation of the brand. This year, the robust growth doubling of our inventory is a testament to our brand strategy. We look forward to welcoming guests to discover Artyzen’s unique lifestyle-inspired guest experiences with a particular emphasis on cultural immersion and exploration at its core.” says Peter Wynne, Senior Vice President of Artyzen Hospitality Group.

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