Anabata Live Series #3

Anabata Live Series #3

Anabata, as the event organizer focusing on architecture and design, will present you Anabata Live Series #3 after the success of the previous events. Raising the theme of ‘Design Process’, the event will be held on Saturday, December 16, 2017 at Titan Theater, Titan Center, Bintaro, Jakarta, Indonesia.

In producing a work, the design process becomes the most important thing that it can produce a good architecture and give impact to the users. Each architect has their own processes and different journeys in their approach to dealing with the project. In the event of Anabata Live Series #3, we will feature two International architects; Lyndon Neri of Neri & Hu Design and Research Office based in Shanghai and London and Makoto Tanijiri from the Suppose Design Office based in Hiroshima and Tokyo. Both will be hosted by moderator Andrew Tirta who is an architectural practitioner in Indonesia.

The speakers, will provide deep explanation of the design process undertaken in the project being handled. As one of the founders of Neri & Hu Design and Research Office, Lyndon Neri uses a lot of research as one of the main instruments in designing. This can be seen in their project which has deep and sensitive meaning in responding to the contextual issues. Meanwhile, the other speaker, Makoto Tanijiri is the founder of the Suppose Design Office which is one of the most prolific medium-sized architecture firms in Japan today. His project has a different style from other prominent architects. The more varied styles and characters become a feature that can be seen in his built projects.

Surely this will be very interesting and worth a wait by seeing them in one stage and learning from how they give each other perspective about the design approach that has been done and interactively guided by the moderator during the discussion session along with an attractive packaging of the event. For further information about the event, kindly contact Devany by email at

About Anabata 

Anabata is event promoter who specialize in architecture and design, established since 2015. Heretofore, more than 100 national and international events have been successfully held. Open Talk, Campus Series, Live Series and Workshop Series of Hospital Architecture and Business Strategy are programs which are consistently being carried out today.

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